Top Nerdy 10: Civil War Anticipation Edition

Remember when this epic awesomeness was released?

For the chosen few who attended the world premiere, the wait is finally over. And for the rest of us mere mortals, there are still three and half more grueling weeks. But before you feel too sorry for yourself, the cast have been on a busy promotional schedule and have been giving audiences a sneak peek at what’s in store. So here are our favourite interview moments from the Civil War crew.


It seems Cap isn’t impervious to rogue chicken. Ridonculous.


A deeper look into the characters going head to head.


Some superheros are just better at keeping secrets than others.


#TeamBurpee vs. #TeamGinkgoBiloba. God bless, Anthony Mackie.


The ladies of Civil War are kickass.


We’re still waiting for the Evans/Mackie dance-off. We can’t possibly be the only ones!


Spidey! How delightful is Tom Holland?


I have the utmost much respect for the Russo brothers.


Shield miming, it’s an artform. Side-note: this is by far one of the best interviews done with the cast.


And Chris Evans’ next role is that of a young mermaid longing to be human… The love we have for this cast knows no bounds.

The countdown continues. Captain America: Civil War hits screens May 6th!

‘Til next time,


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