Top Nerdy 10: Broadway A Cappella Edition

Hello nerds of the interwebs!

When my dear friend and webmistress, Roni, politely conceded after I hounded her for months to let me be a part of her awesome blog asked if I was interested in contributing, I jumped at the opportunity.

So this can go two ways, dear reader: you either think I’m crazy and click elsewhere (I won’t be terribly offended) or miracle of miracles, you like me. Personally, I prefer the latter.

And I’m even more excited that my very first post coincides with my first TNT/Top Nerdy 10!

This is my take on Top 10 lists, where I get to share some of my favourite obsessions in a simple and easy way carefully crafted so I don’t sound like a completely nonsensical fangirl.

To kick things off, here is a gem of a music video from one of my favourite bands.

It’s rare to find something that incorporates everything you are nerdy about in one neat and beautiful video. Needless to say, when this was released, I was in nerdy, fangirl paradise. Combining my love for musical theatre and a cappella music, the fellas of VoicePlay deliver with their Aca Top 10 Broadway medley.

VoicePlay is an a cappella vocal group hailing from Florida which includes the vocal talents of Tony Wakim (who has since departed from the band), Eli Jacobson, Earl Elkins, Geoff Castellucci, and Layne Stein. The guys manage to flawlessly blend ten iconic tunes from some of the most popular musicals. And in case you missed it, here are the songs used the medley with links to the full versions. You’re welcome.

10. “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist” —Avenue Q

9. “Sherry” —Jersey Boys

8. “Belle” —Beauty and the Beast

7. “Seasons of Love” —Rent

6. “Master of the House” —Les Miserables

5. “All That Jazz” —Chicago

4. “He Lives in You” —The Lion King

3. “Popular” —Wicked

2. “The Phantom of the Opera” —The Phantom of the Opera

1. “Hello” —Book of Mormon


I’ve been a fan of VoicePlay for quite some time now and only recently got the opportunity to see them live and wow if you get the chance to see them, go do it. Bonus: as evident in the video, they are hilarious and the biggest dorks. Subscribe to VoicePlay’s YouTube channel. While you’re at it, go and catch all of these Broadway shows listed. Your soul will be happy even if your wallet won’t be.

So all of my Broadway nerds out there, what are your favourite musicals? Let us know in the comments below. And stay tuned (hee, musical joke) for more Top Nerdy 10!

‘Til next time,
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