Top Nerdy 10: Boy Band Hits Edition

Greetings, Curious Crowd! Recently, I revisited my very first TNT and felt an instant wave of nostalgia. So to celebrate that post’s fifth anniversary, I thought it would be apropos to put together a new list featuring the same a cappella group, VoicePlay. Last year, (yep, 2019 was just last year even though it feels like it was a lifetime ago) they released a fun medley of boy band covers. Yes, technically this segment is called Top Nerdy 10 but my VoicePlay’s love for boy bands could not be contained to simply ten songs. And yes, technically there are 14 songs in the medley, but we’ll address that later. For now, enjoy all the fun wardrobe changes and epic dance moves.

1. “I Want You Back” (1969) —Jackson 5

top nerdy 10 jackson 5 i want you back

Photo Credits: VoicePlay

2. “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” (1963) —The Beatles

top nerdy 10 beatles i wanna hold your hand

Photo Credits: VoicePlay

3. “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” (1966) —The Temptations

top nerdy 10 temptations ain't too proud to beg

Photo Credits: VoicePlay

4. “Walk Like A Man” (1963) —Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons

top nerdy 10 walk like a man the four seasons

Photo Credits: VoicePlay

5. “Candy Girl” (1983) —New Edition

top nerdy 10 new edition candy girl

Photo Credits: VoicePlay

6. “Poison” (1990) —Bell Biv Devoe

top nerdy 10 bell biv devoe poison

Photo Credits: VoicePlay

7. “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” (1988) —New Kids On The Block

top nerdy 10 new kids on the block the right stuff

Photo Credits: VoicePlay

8. “Thank You” (1995) —Boyz II Men

top nerdy 10 boyz ii men thank you

Photo Credits: VoicePlay

9. “The Hardest Thing” (1999) —98 Degrees

top nerdy 10 98 degrees the hardest part

Photo Credits: VoicePlay

10. “I Want It That Way” (1999) —Backstreet Boys

top nerdy backstreet boys i want it that way

Photo Credits: VoicePlay

11. “POP” (2001) —NSYNC

top nerdy 10 nsync pop

Photo Credits: VoicePlay

12. “Best Song Ever” (2013) —One Direction

top nerdy 10 one direction best song ever

Photo Credits: VoicePlay

13. “Fake Love” (2018) —BTS

top nerdy 10 bts fake love

Photo Credits: VoicePlay

Bonus: “I Want You Back” (1996) —NSYNC

I know what you’re thinking, hang on, Rach, you forgot a song. Fear not, NSYNC is getting the love they justly deserve.

top nerdy 10 nsync i want you back

Photo Credits: VoicePlay


Am I mad that VoicePlay completely ignored Westlife, O-Town, and soulDecision? A little bit. Am I mad at the impeccable choreo and pure enthusiasm especially from J.None? Of course not. 😉

What is your favourite boy band soundtrack? Let us know in the comments below.

As always, stay curious!

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  1. Yay! The return of Rachel!

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