Top 3 Ways to Turn Your Gaming Passion Into Cash

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So ever had the question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years” thrown your way? Immediately your eyes gleamed in pixels and you desperately wanted to say yes – gaming. But how do you milk your passion for gaming and generate those bucks (actual ones, not virtual!)? Well here is a surprise better than the new patch they launched – it’s possible! There are many ways you can do it, but here are some of the top three:

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Streaming Your Gameplay

This is not something new, in fact, you have probably used this one by looking at your favorite players and trying to duplicate their moves. But, now you have moved past learning and you are actually awesome in COD or Fortnight. Complex moves are your go-to, why not share it with the world? You already have your basic equipment at the ready, pick one of the streaming software (OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, or XSplit) and press ‘Start!’ Once you have it downloaded and integrated with your console or PC (dealer’s choice), create an account on one of the platforms like Twitch and Youtube Gaming to launch your channel, get the gear to stream and talk with ease and go go go! Easier said than done, but with a bit of practice you can really create a community. Funds come in with subscriptions, fan donations (what a way to show their love), and ad revenues. So next time you pull off an epic move, remember that there are aspiring gamers out there that will pay to learn from you!


eSport Competitor

If you are killing zombies better than a marine or building fortresses with the dexterity of a professional contractor, why not try your hand at going pro? If you have a ‘save progress’ attitude and never say die dedication, then eSport competitions can make you loot money quicker than you can press “respawn”. The word practice cannot be stressed here enough if you want to become a pro! But you will also need an advanced gaming rig or console (whichever floats your boat), gaming mice, and keyboards. Get an extra edge by subscribing to gaming tutorials (there are moves that you don’t know!), watch how other pros do it live in multiplayer matches, and build your own network and presence with other gamers. You can do that on platforms like Toornament, FACEIT, and Battlefly – these are some of the platforms that host tournaments for every skill player. All the competitions – the big international and the small regional ones – offer enticing prize money on top of the bragging rights you will get. So if you believe your skills can definitely pay the bills, enter into the next game-off.


Video Game Designer

Do you feel you’re a combo package with not only your gaming skills but creativity to boot? Feel like you have a better storyline than the game you’re currently playing? Monetize it by making your own video game! You will have full control of the storyline, character, backdrop, twists, and turns – your imagined world brought to life! And the double bonus: not only will your dreams come true by having other people play your game, but you can make some serious cash! Before you start sprinting ahead, just remember that you need a very good understanding of programming language (no there isn’t just one!), design, and at least some narrative skills. Thank the gaming gods for the internet and its abundance of resources and courses like to help bring your brainchild to life.


All of this takes considerable effort, but if it is your biggest dream, then it is worth pursuing! Dream big!

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