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Okie dokie, Nerds, here’s your TNT roundup this week! 

The lovely Felicia Day has announced her You’re Never Weird On a Book Tour! Take the time to support the geek goddess and get a copy of her book at her signings! Check here to see if she’s coming to a city near you

Hellboy 3 guys! It looks like it’s happening! Maybe! Fingers crossed!
We know Ron and Guillermo have been working hard to bring the final chapter to Hellboy and give his fans some closure. It’s been a difficult road it seems, but then Perlman took to Instagram.
Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 5.30.30 PMLet’s hope this comes to fruition!
See more details here.

EW released some behind the scene shots on the X-Files set, and they are adorable! See more here.

(Photo credit: Eric Ray Davidson for EW)

(Photo credit: Eric Ray Davidson for EW)

There’s a rumor, as reported on that Beyonce may be joining the Avengers. My first reaction was, say wha?! I don’t know how seriously to take this nerds for now, but like we do, they started listing off possible characters for her to embody. I personally, can see her as Tigra. I can see this being a touchy subject, so take a deep breath and be kind nerds. lol. See more here.

Star Trek began filming in Vancouver. See more dets here.

Anton’s director, Peyton Reed is interested in telling more of Hank Pym’s story! Of course you are dude, there’s a lot of potential there. See more here.
Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 6.14.38 PM

On the scientific realm, we have two news bites for you.
First, via PBS, Frank Wilczek has written a fascinating article about how physics will change and change the world in 100 years. It’s a worthy read! Check it out here.

Second, if you were lucky enough not to be bombarded by storms and cloudy weather, you got the chance to see a celestial dance! Read more on

Flickr: Neal Simpson

Flickr: Neal Simpson

Kevin Feige…Feige, Feige, Feige. He’s been unloading a lot of info and it’s all gold for Marvel fans wanting as much information as they can get, so I’ve compiled most of the Feige commentary below for your reading pleasure.
Feige talk Strange’s Sanctum and Ancient one casting: See here.
The important question to all Spidey fans, how involved will Marvel be in Sony’s Spidey flix. Breath easy nerds. See here.
James Gunn let us know that it was actually Kevin who let the cat out of the bag on GoG2’s title! Check out James’ FB page, it’s worth it!
Heroic Hollywood compiled B-Roll Footage and On-Set Interviews of Antman. Check these out on their site here. Warning of possible spoilers.

Everyone went Spidey crazy last week with the announcement of Tom Holland. We were curious about the young actor and what his experience and qualifications have been like everyone else. We found the following. 🙂 EW has confirmed he was in the West End production of Billy Elliot the Musical as Michael before moving into the main role of Billy. Check out the adorableness below.
He’s obviously experienced in sharing the big screen and holding his own among great actors. Watch the Impossible. Bonus, he’s shared the screen with Thor. Out this December, In the Heart of the Sea, Tom will be alongside Chris. See the trailer below.
For good measure, there are a few acrobatic instagram videos. You can find them here.

As a bonus! ComicCon is next week! NC will be attending NerdHQ this year, so we will be bringing you as much as we can from SD. The official schedules have been released for all the events so plan out your trip and make the most of it!

Enjoy nerds! ~R
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