TNT Top Nerdy Ten: Star Wars Musical Edition

Greetings nerds! Well… It’s finally here!!! Star Wars: The Force Awakens!!! THIS IS A SPOILER FREE ZONE UNTIL I CAN GET TO THE THEATRE! *ahem* To celebrate the much anticipated film premiere and our 25th Top Nerdy Ten, here is this week’s aptly themed Star Wars musical tribute. John Williams, thank you, good sir.

1. Jon winning the Internet yet again.

2. Hardwick and Corden slay. Let’s also give a hand to Chewie on piano.

3. I know, not this song again. But come on, “Vader is a better name anyway…” Best line ever!

4. Loving this beachy, laid-back Christmas tune from Adam.

5. Futuristic a cappella group PTX + Orchestral prowess = Epic Star Wars Tribute

6. Watch and listen with a good pair of headphones. Eargasm.

7. Two for the price of one. Loving these Star Wars carols.

8. Haunting vocals care of str8voices. Just beautiful.

9. Somehow I don’t think Adele imagined her song would be sung quite like this…

10. Three words: Harrison. Freaking. Ford.

‘Til next time (may the force be with you, always),


Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.36.30 PM


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