TNT Top Nerdy Thirteen: Pokemon Edition

We’re celebrating Pokemon here on NC this week because it’s turning 20 this year!

So… Beautiful…

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I’m okay.

*takes a deep breath*

*pulls self together*

I don’t know about you but I *loved* Pokemon (the original 150 before things got out of control). And I had a friend burn me an illegal copy give me the original 13 song soundtrack CD from the show and it’s one of my prized possessions. Which means it’s only right that we dedicate this special Top Nerdy Thirteen to these songs. I suggest a hanky because there will be more tears.

1. You Can Do It (If You Really Try)

“It’s your destiny, spread your wings and fly…”

*holds up lighter and sobs*

2. The Pokerap

I had this entire thing down as a kid. All 150. To this day, I still remember parts of it 20 years later… Not afraid to admit that… #GottaCatchEmAll

3. Together Forever

This was the boy-band number from the album. Remember this was the ’90’s.

4. Misty’s Song

In an alternate universe where Misty harbors deep romantic feelings for Ash. I’m convinced that Brittney Spears sings this.

5. Pokemon Dance Mix

Pokemon trance. Grab them glowsticks.

6. Double Trouble

Say what you want about Jesse and James, they may not have been very bright but their theme is super funky.

7. Pikachu’s Goodbye

Do not talk to me. The feels. Just… I need a moment.

And if that wasn’t heart-wrenching enough…

8. Everything Changes

Okay, I think I’ve recovered from my mini Pikachu induced meltdown. Yay happy track! Anyone else getting a Michael Jackson vibe from this?

9. My Best Friends

This is probably my favourite track. If I had my way this would be the NC theme song *teehee*

10. What Kind of Pokemon Are You?

“It’ll kick your… Grass.” Best. Line. Ever.

11. Viridian City

Road tripping music at its finest.

12. 2 B A Master

The title track of this whole glorious album.

13. Pokemon Theme

Jason flipping Paige.

“Our courage will pull us through… You teach me and I’ll teach you… POKEMON!!!”

*ahem* Thanks for indulging in my trip down memory lane. And remember folks, gotta catch ’em all 😉

‘Til next time,


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