TNT Top Nerdy Ten: Nerdy Christmas Tree Edition

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a proper Christmas tree.

The custom of the Christmas tree developed in early modern Germany (O Tannenbaum!) and can be traced back to the 16th, perhaps even 15th, century when Christians would bring decorated trees into their homes.

Why thank you Wikipedia for that quick history lesson. So whether you prefer a mighty spruce, fragrant pine, reliable fir, or aluminum *shudders*, here is my Top Nerdy Ten Christmas trees.

1. Doctor Who Timey Wimey Trees

2. Harry Potter Sorting Hat Trees


Photo credits (L-R): Brooke Johnson, EPBOT, & ranchovisions

3. Literary Classics Trees


Photo credits (L-R): eNotes, A Little Crunchy, & hypable

4. Marvel Avengers Assemble Trees 


Photo credits (L-R): FUN, Festival of Trees and Trains, & Pinterest

5. Nightmare Before Christmas Skellington Trees


Photo credits (L-R): Homes & Hues, Pinterest, & Pinterest

6. Star Wars Dark and Light Christmas Trees

7. Justice League Have No Fear Trees


Photo credits (L-R): Danny Dowell, Bat-Blog, & Pink Lucy

8. Pokemon I Choose You Trees

9. Super Mario Super Star Trees


Photo credits (L-R): SSJLogan Gaming, Dorkly, & ZedoMax

10. Portal There Is No Cake Trees

Do you have your very own nerdy Christmas tree you’d like to share with us? Please send us photos 🙂 And if you haven’t gotten your tree ready yet, hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration. After all, there are only two weeks until Christmas. Don’t wait until it’s too late!


‘Til next time,


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  2. How you guys made the base for the mario theme tree, the green warp pipe?

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