Top Nerdy 10: Nerdy Christmas Carols Edition

It’s CHRISTMAS SPIRIT WEEK!!! *spirit fingers* Since it’s finally December, time to get the tree trimmed, buy all of your last minute gifts, and blast Christmas music at full volume without judgement!!! *spirit fingers with high kicks* Can you tell I’m excited? So indulge in that extra glass of eggnog and join us as we sing along to these nerdy Christmas tunes.


10. Please Bring Firefly Back (For Christmas)

This impassioned plea to Santa is echoed by all Browncoats.


9. Santa Geeky

Santa beams down the chimney! That explains a lot.


8. Team Rocket’s The Christmas Song

Oh Jesse, James, and Meowth, you do have fans!


7. The Avengers Christmas Medley

This is about as close to the real thing as we will get. Loki echoing ‘king’ is just priceless.


6. Jingle Bits And Bells

Nothing like an 8-bit holiday classic to get you ready for Christmas!


5. What Can You Get A Wookiee For Christmas?

It’s a merry, I mean, very valid question.


4. 12 Days Of Doctor Who Christmas

I’ll take the TARDIS timey wimey, you can keep the rest, Torchwood.


3. Merry Pixel Christmas Gaming Song

“Merry Christmas and have an awesome… Gamer night!”


2. A Very Fangirl Christmas

The struggle is real even during the holidays.


1. Text Me Merry Christmas

If you’re far away from your love this holidays, remember to send them the perfect Christmas text.


‘Til next time,


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