TNT Top Nerdy Ten: Finding Dory Edition

Hello nerds and welcome back! After a break last week to revamp our beautiful site, I’m so happy to return with this week’s Top Nerdy Ten!!! While we were on a mini hiatus, an exciting promo was unveiled for the much anticipated sequel to Pixar’s Finding Nemo, Finding Dory!

I. Am. So. Excited.


So to celebrate with all of you, our nerdy fishy friends, I’m listing my top ten reasons why Dory would make the perfect BFF. Here we go!

1. She is voiced by the Ellen Degeneres

Ellen is a personal hero of mine. She brings happiness to the masses on a daily basis and her positivity just shines through even as Dory. I can’t imagine any other person bringing Dory to life.


2. She has a big heart

I shall call her Dory and she shall be mine, and she shall be my Dory.


Photo credits: thepeeinist

3. She is motivational

Just keep swimming… Swimming… Swimming! It’s excellent life advice.

4. She speaks multiple languages

OOOOHHHHHHHHNNNNNNGGGGGGGGWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAA… I happen to be fluent in whale as well. We would probably converse in Humpback.

5. She has an affinity for bright, shiny objects

Sooooooooo shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny! *shakes head* Sorry, I got distracted for a moment there…


6. She enjoys a good story

Plus, if you have a go to story that you love telling, she wouldn’t mind hearing it over and over again 😉


Image credits:

7. She likes adventure

There will never be a dull moment with Dory.

8. She’s one tough cookie

Dori knows how to stand up for herself and if you’re ever in a pickle and need back up, you can count on her.


Image credits: disney-quote

9. She’s literate and can find missing fish things

10. She’ll be more than just your friend, she’ll be your family


Image credits: kottonkandysoul

We heart you Dory!!!

‘Til next time,


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  1. Coming soon, soon, soon! Can’t wait! 🙂

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