Top Nerdy 10: Doctor Who Music Edition

It’s another Top Nerdy 10!!! Isn’t that fantastic?! And because we’re celebrating all things Who, Roni will be joining me this week as we review the musical scores of the Who universe together. Allons-y! Weeeeeee! ūüėÄ

1. Rose’s Theme

Rach: I think this is definitely my favourite. There’s a melancholic tone in the overall theme.
Roni: I can totally see why you’d love this so much!¬†I think all of the companions of a melancholy undertone because we all know they won’t be with the Doctor forever. I think Rose’s theme is one of the most innocent and totally encompasses how¬†relatable she is.


2. Hello Twelve

Rach: I must like tragic orchestral music. What the heck is wrong with me? I’m not crying, you’re crying!
Roni: I love that you picked this! This was seriously one of the most emotional moments; a great goodbye!


3. Holding Hands

Rach: Finally something that’s lighter and happier. Romantic is the word I would use for this piece.
Roni: Great pick, Rach! This was one of the best Christmas specials and the music was fantastic.


4. I Am The Doctor

Rach: Massive props to the strings. I mean wow.
Roni: I loved 10 so much, I was skeptical when 11 showed up, but at the end of the first episode when he walks through all of the projected Doctors, I knew he was it.


5. Song of Freedom

Rach:¬†This would make a great anthem for a country. I’m picturing waving flags and planes flying overhead.
Roni: After the return of Davros this was a sweet melody to celebrate a victory with all of 10’s companions.


6. Amy’s Theme

Rach: This piece was just so pretty and dreamlike. Can I get my own theme, please?
Roni: Amy is my second favorite companion and I love her theme. Her theme is fitting from little Amy to the girl who waited.


7. A River Of Tears

Rach: It’s only a minute long but there’s something tragic in this piece. A sense of longing for someone/something that’s no longer there.
Roni: River may be a controversial character for some, but I dig her.


8. The Impossible Planet

Rach: That violin solo is just so moving and haunting. Repeat.
Roni: I’m surprised you picked this one, but I love that you did! It’s so dramatic and exotic sounding.


9. This Is Gallifrey

Rach: The way that the song builds makes me want to go on an adventure.
Roni: This is when we started to hear more details about Gallifrey in the new series. It was a great theme for Gallifrey.


10. Doomsday

Rach: This one hurt my heart more than I thought it would. I had to go and watch the scene and that was a bad idea.
Roni: I can’t even…



Roni: I have to throw in an honorable mention that I adore!
Rach: Oh gosh, yes. I’m so happy you decided to add this one in too!


Let’s give a hand to Mr. Murray Gold, shall we?

‘Til next time… GERONIMO!

Rach & Roni

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