Top Nerdy 10: Civil War Spiderman Fanart

Before we launch into this week’s Top Nerdy Ten, I’m assuming you’ve all seen the new trailer by now. Yeah, you know the one I’m talking about…

Hello, Spiderman! No, you weren’t hallucinating just now. Spidey is home, where he belongs.

spiderman welcome home

Image source: Comic Book Resources

No matter how you feel about the new suit or who is wearing said suit, Spidey did make quite the appearance and dare we say he nailed the landing.

My Reaction while Watching #Spiderman in #CaptainAmericaCivilWar #SuperHeroLanding

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So we thought it was only fair to shine a spotlight on some of the awesome Spiderman fanart that spawned from the release of the trailer.

1. Hey Everyone (@zdiggv)

It only took two words to have the nerdom in a frenzy.

2. Shields Up (@ryno1013)


3. #TeamSpidey (@sprkim)

Leave it to Spidey to steal the show.

Hey everyone !??? #Spiderman #CivilWar #ironman #captainamerica #brushmarker

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4. Wardrobe! (@lord_mesa)

Baby Spidey really tried, Stark. Cut him some slack, he’s just a kid.

5. Hello Bitches (@mxrcofer)

We all know this is what he wanted to say.

6. Spiderman’s Big Entrance (@rad_pencils)

The shine on Spidey’s suit is impressive.

7. Sorry, Not Sorry, Cap (@rhanrhan46)

The awkward sweat drop. Oh Cap…

8. Lose Something? (@kizerilla)

Such a tease.

9. Look Who’s Captain Now (@bigdeester)

Oh Captain, my Captain.

10. Hey Everyone – Reprise (@mattdownsdraws)

Again, two words. *flails*

Be sure to follow these talented artists on Instagram. And a reminder from your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, Captain America: Civil War is in theatres April 29th!

‘Til next time,

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