The NC Crew

L-R: Belle, Snow White, Esmeralda, & Jasmine… Uh, we mean: Jams, Roni, Rach, & Jen 😉

A long time ago (June 2015) in a galaxy far away (Houston), one fearless Captain (Roni) rounded up a motley crew of nerdtastical gals (Jams, Jen, & Rach) and together they became Nerdy Curiosities.

Roni (Creator, Editor-in-Chief)


The Bio: Roni has always taken the long way. Life may be short, but damn it all, if she’s not going to take her precious time and do it on her terms. Designer by day and lover of creative nerdy things, she’s always looking forward to discovering new people and things! Curiosity is key!

Super Power: Epic Facepalms

Nerd Crush: Chuck Bartowski (Chuck)

Jams (Curator, Podcast Wizard)

card-jamsThe Bio: Jams is a proud nerd mama! Sometimes when she’s nervous or uncomfortable, she laughs at inappropriate moments in time. She also has trypophobia. Seriously, if you don’t know what it is, look it up. It is real and it is terribly uncomfortable! She embraces the weirdness that is her and shares it unto you! You’re welcome! 😀

Super Power: Master Cosplayer

Nerd Crush: Castiel (Supernatural)


Rach (Editor, Curator, Web Mistress)

card-rachThe Bio: Rach is a five foot nothing, forever twenty something, tea addicted, wordophile. Though bitten by the travel bug, Vancouver will always be home and while she’s not on an adventure she can be found inside a book or twirling on the dance floor.

Super Power: Awkward Conversation

Nerd Crush: Dimitri (Anastasia)

Jen (Curator, Secretary)

card-jenineThe Bio: For the love of food and baked goods, our resident baker can be found drooling over food (and CARBS!). A self-proclaimed foodie, Jen can be found either eating (not surprised), dancing or paddling on the water when not eating. Has she mentioned food? It’s a wonder she’s not a lardy blob.

Super Power: Materializing Carbs

Nerd Crush: Tuxedo Mask/Prince Darien (Sailor Moon)

Kevin (Photographer)

The Bio: …

Super Power: …

Nerd Crush: …


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