Take My Money: Marvel Edition

Everyone is aware that it is expensive to be a nerd. Regardless of what your specific nerd obsession is, we often see something that makes us say… Shut Up And Take My Money!

Here are a few items to dream about owning when you win the lottery. Cough cough, if that is the case, adopt me please. 😀


  1. If you have $234.99 +s/h to spare, you can get your very own Star-Lord Sixth Scale Figure.
  2. $224.99 +s/h to spare?  you know you want a Captain America Sixth Scale Figure. Nerd girls, you’re welcome, if only I could lower the price for you. :/
  3. $199.99 +s/h to spare? Seriously guys, how gorgeous is this Gamora Sixth Scale Figure!
  4. Have $169.99 +s/h to spare? Iron Man Mark II Special Floating Edition is yours. How sick would that look on your desk or shelf, seriously? (Pre-Orders are sold out)
  5. An adorable Little Groot for $44.99. This one doesn’t dance, but it is incredibly, adorably accurate!
  6. Here is your Dancing Baby Groot for $24.99 +s/h, which I have pre-ordered and am waiting patiently for! Review to come.
  7. If you’re a movie, paper-works nerd like me (I love maps and other designical print stuff from films), then you can pre-order the Avengers Coulson’s Vintage Cap Trading Card Set for $19.99 +s/h.
  8. If you want a Solar Powered Bobble Head Dancing Baby Groot for $13.99 +s/h, here you go.


If you are not aware of  Ashley Eckstein and the Her Universe brand and Fashion Show, run don’t walk to here. It is basically a haven for the ladies to let her inner nerd shine!

  1. The Avengers Assemble Tank stands out for me as one of the best graphically designed superhero tops for $28.
  2. A lot of comic related fashion tends to be a bit busy, so I am really impressed with minimal designs. This Avengers Icon Dress for $45 is pretty awesome.
  3. If you’re not a dress girl, here are the Avengers Icon Leggings for $30.

Start saving nerds!

If anyone has personal experience with any of the above items, please review in the comments.

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