Take My Money: Once Upon A Time Gift Guide

Welcome to the Once Upon a Time Gift Guide! It’s no surprise, if you have been following NC for a while that we are fans of Once Upon A Time (ICYMI check out our OUAT Cosplay here, and my OUAT CrafterNoon post here!). The sixth season has arrived and it just keeps getting more and more wicked. Gifting season is upon us and you may have an OUAT-er in your life! Here are some great gift ideas.

Once Upon A Time: The Complete Fifth Season

Once Upon a Time Gifts

Be prepared to not hear from your loved one for a while when you give them this DVD set! They will most likely be spending their time binging through the season. Don’t judge.

You can buy the fifth season of Once Upon A Time here.


Once Upon a Time Gifts

Oh my word…that is a thing of beauty. This pillowcase is designed after the ever famous storybook from Once Upon A Time. It is printed on both sides. 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Why don’t you lie down for a little while?

You can get your Once Upon a Time Pillowcase here.

Funko Pops!

As if I don’t already have enough Pops! (By the by, I have over 200 Pops ATM) Feast your eyes on these, Dearie!


Once Upon a Time gifts

Isn’t he just? You should buy him! Here!


Once Upon a Time gifts

Hello! Just look at all the little details in her dress! And that beauty mark! You HAVE to have her. And you can by clicking here.

Emma Swan

Once Upon a Time gifts

I happen to be a very big fan of Emma. What is OUAT without its Savior? You can buy the lovely Miss Swan here.

Regina with Fireball

Once Upon a Time gifts

Shut. Up. As if the original Regina wasn’t amazing enough they have to throw this at us? You can buy this beautiful creature here.

These are just SOME of the Pop figures. There are several others to suit your fancy.

Evil Queen Quotes Coffee Mug

Once Upon a Time gifts

I, too, feel like an evil queen first thing in the morning before I have had my cup of java. You are not alone. This mug will give you plenty of clever lines to say to whichever minion decides to step in your path before you’ve finished your coffee.

Quell your java desires by clicking here.

Emma’s Volkswagen Beetle

Once Upon a Time gifts

I can practically smell that old car seat smell…divine. Drive your way into Storybrook with this auto figure by Greenlight here.

Rumpelstiltskin’s Dagger

Once Upon a Time gifts

I’m not saying that you should try to control the dark one…but you can by possessing this magnificent dagger. Rasta Imposta makes decent replicas (Same company that made The Floating Male head’s Hook for our cosplay shoot).

You can control the Dark One by clicking here.

Icon Heroes Regina Action Figure

Once Upon a Time gifts

If Pop figures aren’t your thing and you’re looking for a bit more realism then check out this beautiful figure by Icon Heroes. You can Pre-order Regina before she is released in February (you can also pre-order Hook and Emma!).

Pre-order yours by clicking here.

OUAT Inspired Rumpelstiltskin Dagger Necklace

Once Upon a Time gifts

Is it not enough to possess the dagger of the dark one? Perhaps you always need to have the dagger with you but on a smaller scale? This necklace would be perfect for you!

You can buy your dagger necklace here.

Wicked Witch Zelena Necklace

Once Upon a Time gifts

Whether that someone in your life wants something a little green, or you know someone who has been very wicked, this stunning necklace will bring out the green in her skin eyes.

Purchase this wicked jewelry here.

I’m afraid that’s all we’ve got time for today, Dearie. Best be moving along so you can fill those stockings! It is the season of giving after all. Just don’t forget to give a little something to you.

Stay Nerdy!


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  1. I have the Captain Hook necklace from Amazon and bought Emma’s Swan necklace from someone on Etsy. Thanks for the compliment, glad you enjoyed it!

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