Take My Money: Nerdy Valentine ICYMI 2017

To all you nerd lovers, I hope you did not forget what day it is or forget a gift. If you did, I hope your nerd mate is the forgiving sort. Now, for those of us fellow nerds who’d rather spoil ourselves, there is still time to buy something. You know why? Because everyday is Valentine’s Day when it comes to doting on yourself. Priorities guys, nerdy priorities.

Take My Money

take our money dark valentine

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, Tim Burton, Guillermo Del Toro, Jams’ My Dark Valentine gift list is for you. Also, check out Jaime’s love letter to the one and only, Daryl Dixon! Can’t really blame a girl.

take my money nerdy valentine

If you are a¬†writing nerd, a whovian, a Neverending Story lover, a Potter nerd, a Shakespeare nerd, or an Austenite, check out my eclectic fandom gift list! Also, check out Jenine’s Shakespeare inspired Foodie post, so you can spoil yourself with some yummy goodies. A martini sure sounds good right about now! If the Shakespeare foods don’t strike your fancy, she also has a Singles Awareness Day foodie post that features some awesome stuff! I’m a big fan of the smiling poo emojis!

If you want a little extra light reading, check out my love letter to a multitude of fictional characters. Hey, I don’t like difficult choices ok?! How can I possibly choose between Timelords, Wizards, Warriors, and Classic literary figures for example? Need an extra dose of adorableness, check out Rach’s love letter to K-2SO!

Regardless on what your plans are tomorrow nerds, know you are loved and you’re awesome! We love you here at NC!

Nerd On!

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