RT Fashion: SDCC & Nerd HQ Cosplay

RT Fashion SDCC Nerd HQ Cosplay

Welcome back to Replicate This: Fashion! In this edition I’m sharing with you some of the fabulous SDCC & Nerd HQ Cosplay that I saw.ā€¦ Continue reading

Top Nerdy 10: Nerds of Twitter (Episode I)

Greetings nerds! I’m having a great time putting together these episodic Top Nerdy Tens so I’m going to run with this theme, if you wouldā€¦ Continue reading

Nerd It Forward: Star Wars Edition

Although theĀ 501st LegionĀ has been featured before on Nerdy Curiosities (seeĀ Nerd It Forward:Ā Katie Goldman & the 501st Legion), we thought that inĀ celebration of Star Wars week,ā€¦ Continue reading

Top Nerdy 10: LEGO Stop Motion Video Edition

top nerdy 10 lego brotherhood workshop stop motion video

GreetingsĀ nerds and nerdettes, welcome to another, Top Nerdy Ten! Woo! I think I’m going to invest in an epic applause sign. Maybe I can makeā€¦ Continue reading