Space City Con: Cosplay

Hello nerdy lovers of cosplay! We were lucky this weekend to have Roni attend Space City Con in Houston, TX. She made the rounds and captured some cos that caught her eye. Check a few from the convention below! 

Marina Nye from Misscosplays as Cinderella

Remember the scene where the mice and birds make Cinderella a dress and then her horrible stepsisters destroy it?  Yeah, that’s the one! You can find Misscosplays on FB & Instagram @misscosplay

More Disney! You can find this kick ass chick at Darth_nerdious on Instagram!


Star Wars! I love Twiileks, they are just so badass!


You can find this lovely Twiilek lady at AfroQwueen on FB!

How about some Marvel cosplay?


This fabulous Iron Man


This Gamora totally made us do a double take! She’s ready to kick some butt with her baby Groot in hand.

You can find Liz Blanco Cosplay on FB. She later teamed up with the rest of her Guardians and had a dance off! (Oooh child, things are gonna get easier…)


Photo courtesy of: Lauren Rubin/Rocket Raccoon via Liz Blanco’s FB Page


You can find this Quicksilver at sevenrevier

A thank you to Intrepid for a great moment! The moment a Weeping Angel sees Nick Fury!


An unlikely pair creating magic for con goers! William Hirsh does make an uncanny Fury! (Remember the scene in which the 10th Doctor gives his “Don’t Blink” speech?  Now picture that scene re-imagined with Nick Fury in it!  You’re welcome…)


Loved this adorable Hiro! You can find her at @emma_the_hobbit on Instagram.

And let’s not forget about the DC cosplay!


You can find your Joker at Ken Cosplay on FB, give Ken a follow! Harley can be found at Mae Cosplay on FB.

An apology to the lovely Dominique, who was a killer Deathstroke! We had a photo issue, but everyone should check her out on Instagram and FB! This photo courtesy of her FB page.


And last but not least some scary cosplay!

Follow The Intrepid Productions on FB! They do amazing work! Check out Scarecrow below.



This is what nightmares are made of!

Kyle Lusignan as Freddy & Alan Lee as Jason.

For some truly excellent photography check out our pal’s Chuck Cook‘s slideshow on HoustonPress here! #talent

It looks like Roni saw a lot of amazing cosplay at Space City Comic Con!  Have you seen some awesome cosplay you’d like to share with us?  Submit your photos to [email protected]

~Roni & Jaime

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