SDCC 2018: Show Floor and Merch

As many of you already know, the show floor is the big draw for us NC ladies. We can easily get lost in to the many vendor booths within the first 10 minutes and end up spending hours looking at everything without even getting past the first few rows of stalls. Our wallets and bank accounts take quite the beating if we’re not careful, especially in Artist Alley. We love and appreciate all the vendors and artists whom come out to SDCC every year to show off their talents and wares. What did we see? Let’s find out!

Show Floor


As always, the show floor at SDCC is packed! This year is no different, maybe slightly not as packed as last year since Marvel/Disney and Netflix did not show up to the convention this year for panels, but still packed enough that the pedestrian traffic jams were still present along the main walking paths. But nevertheless, we persevered and were able to check out quite a few booths and displays such as Elhoffer Design, Harry Potter display, Andy Park Art, Ryan Meinerding, Marvel and their 10-year anniversary display, Bumblebee statue, a walk past Funko, and a trip through Artist Alley which we left fairly unscathed. If we had more time, we would have visited the DC booth to check out the costume display there as well.

We found Elhoffer Design!

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My weakness at any con we go to, the show floor. This time around is no different. After meeting Andy Park at ACE Con Seattle, I had to stop by his booth at SDCC. His artwork is just stunning. Catherine Elhoffer’s booth was also a must and her designs are to die for! I planned on only buying one sweater…I ended up buying two. Funko Pops, of course are a must, I didn’t win one of the lottery slot times, but a friend of ours did, so I sent him my order and he was able to get me the pops on my list! So thankful! And of course, Scottie Young’s pin set…. they are adorable! But my most prized merch from SDCC this year would have to be my Elhoffer sweaters and the latest addition to my collection of Andy Park’s prints, T’Chaka.


All the nerd stuff! Seriously. I may have gone a tad overboard this year. I picked up my second Elhoffer Design piece and I just want to twirl in my cozy purple cape. I can’t wait for autumn. Bring on sweater weather. I also added a ton of pins to my collection thanks to Jordandene and Scottie Young. I’m obsessed with my Ms. Marvel and Lockjaw. And of course I can’t discount the Funkolicious swag from the Fundays Prom! Shiny! Plus swag from the Her Universe Fashion Show which included a fun Totoro shirt. Speaking of my dear fuzzy friend, I picked up some fun wood earrings too from [Un]possible Cuts. Last but certainly not least, I ordered a custom Winnie the Pooh print dress from 1138 Clothing. Will post photos the second that arrives!

Overall Thoughts


Overall, I did have a great time at SDCC 2018. Through all the ups and downs, that’s what makes the experience worth it every year, badge or no badge! It’s a time for us to meet up once a year for a Nerd Family reunion and I am thankful that through NC (and NerdHQ – thanks Zachary Levi!) I get to say that my Nerd Family is huge, loving and just a fun bunch of friends for life. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of nerds to spend my summer with every year.


Difficult to believe that another San Diego Comic Con is in the books. This year was definitely the year of offsites and impromptu dance parties 😉 I had an incredible experience yet again and of course getting to spend time with my fellow nerds was the best part of Comic Con. ‘Til next time, San Diego!

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