Nerd Con: SDCC 2016 Exhibits, Vendors, & Artists

Greetings nerds! We have been busy recapping our SDCC & Nerd HQ journey this past week; everything from cosplay, food, to panels galore, but we felt there was still something missing. With only a single day pass, we did our best to take in as much as we could of the exhibit hall from huge studio vendors to independent artists. So obviously, we just had to share our experience! Join us as we showcase exhibitors, vendors, as well as Roni’s weakness, Artist Alley!

“Come with me and you’ll be in a world…”

I had to, I couldn’t resist.


Sideshow was a feast for the eyes and made us want to empty our wallets for these exquisite collectible figures. If anyone is wanting to get us NC ladies any gifts, we have a list of Sideshow figures we would love. Don’t hesitate to ask.

While on our convention walk Jams was on a mission to purchase her very own Lucille keychain from Skybound. She’s a big Walking Dead aficionado as you probably know if you’ve been following us for long. Mission accomplished!

Jams and Lucille: A Love Affair

Marvel & ComicCave

Our main goal at the exhibit hall was the 75th Captain America dedication which featured the gorgeous statue, designed by ComicCave. This statue will permanently reside in Steve Rogers’ home of Brooklyn, NY. We were so happy we got to see it in all of its glory. The sculpture will live in Prospect Park starting August 10, 2016. A special shoutout to the lovely folks at ComicCave for contacting us. We hope we can arrange that interview soon enough! Side note, the Doctor Strange costumes were stunning.

DC Comics

The DC exhibit was one of my favorite setups! It was quite expansive but was laid out in a way that was easy to maneuver even with a large crowd. It had a decent flow and hopefully, other large exhibits take note for the future in helping to prevent traffic jams. That is typically everyone’s least favorite thing at any convention, but especially SDCC. No one wants to feel like they’re in the middle of damn rush hour.


The folks at both CFX Composite Effects and EFX Collectibles were lovely! It was a pleasure to talk to such creative and dedicated folks. And it’s always refreshing to come across people who really enjoy their craft; definitely shows in the final product.

Jams had to get a photo with her love, Harley, who happened to be across from the EFX booth.

Icon Heroes

This display was definitely a sign, since our group cosplay revolved around Once Upon a Time.

Legends Captain America Photo Op

We couldn’t resist Cap photo op! So shiny!


Jams had a blast taking photos at the Hasbro booth and daydreaming getting all of the toys for the nerdling!


This is as close as we’ll probably get to magical New Zealand for a while. (FYI, we did eventually make it to New Zealand in 2019!)


We could not get over the Katana doll from DC Superhero Girls. Make sure to watch Nerdy Kidz Corner’s review of Ivy.

Jams desperately wanted to get her hands on one of these dolls but unfortunately, her adult alter-ego warned her that she might need that money later on in the trip. That pesky adult inside is right sometimes, but we won’t tell it that!

Elite Creature Collectibles

Roni could not get enough of this Gizmo which explains the shaky camera.

Artist Alley

To Artist Alley we go aka the place Roni and Jenine lose all their money! A special shout out to the awesome Karen Hallion and Brandon Kenney, Christopher Uminga, Chrissie Zullo, Heather Theurer, Lord Mesa, and Alice Zhang for humoring our fangirling.

We hope you enjoyed our mini-tour of SDCC 2016’s convention floor! It was impossible to take photos of everything when trying to be present and experience the con. We are very much looking forward to next year and have already begun planning! Let us know what you loved from SDCC this year and share your photos.

Nerd On!
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  1. marvel comics is one of my favorite comics , all the comics of marvel are just wonderful and well portrayed 🙂

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