Replicate This Fashion: Pet Cosplay

Pet Cosplay

I’ve always had mixed feelings about pet cosplay; on the one hand it’s so adorable and amazing! On the other hand I always wonder how the pet feels about being dressed up in that way. But true animal lovers know how to look for signs of discomfort or distress in their pets so dressing up their pets is all in good fun! I’ve found some amazing nerdy pet cosplay for you!

Umbreon Dog

Pet Cosplay

Pet Cosplay

First up, Umbreon Dog! That is correct, this is an actual dog in this Umbreon costume and it is amazing.  Yes the dog can see; the designer made the eyes out of a mesh material. Created by leafeon-ex on Deviant Art.

Bones the AT-AT Dog

Pet Cosplay

How about this adorable AT-AT dog costume created by Kate Mello for her dog, Bones! You can check out Bones’ official Facebook page here.

Cat Battle Armor

Pet Cosplay

Your kitty will be purrrrfectly set for battle in this amazing armor…okay I know, I know. I’m so punny! But seriously there’s probably not as many cats in costume as dogs because dogs tend to be way more tolerant about being dressed up than cats (this is coming from a crazy cat lady who used to get pleasure out of dressing her cats up in cabbage patch kid clothing as a child!) Cat Battle Armor created by savagepunk on Etsy.

Nyan Cat


You can learn how to turn your cat into Nyan Cat in this video by TheCutenessTube

Pug of Westeros

Pet Cosplay

I may have gotten a wee bit excited over The Pugs of Westeros cosplay. The pugs named Blue, Bono, and Roxy are owned by Phillip and Sue Lauer. They have done other cosplay with their dogs such as Lord of the Rings but for this Game of Thrones fashion design, they teamed up with blinkbox to shoot the video and a photo gallery. Check out the video below and you can view the gallery on blinkbox here.

Chandra Nalaar

Pet Cosplay

A cat dressed as Gyarados awhile back in my Pokemon Cosplay article. This cat cosplay comes from the same Tumblr page called Cat Cosplay of the Feline variety. I highly suggest checking out their Tumblr page to see the many costumes they have designed for their kitties. Though I do not play Magic the Gathering, this Chandra Nalaar costume really caught my eye! Not to mention the clever Magic card backdrop.


Pet Cosplay

And finally, this Shiba Inu named Vox loves to cosplay! Vox has cosplayed as Overwatch characters such as Junkrat, Mercy (shown above), and D.Va. Not only does Vox cosplay, but she paints with a purpose! But I’m going to save that story for an upcoming Nerd It Forward, so stay tuned! You can check out OutsidetheVox on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Pet lovers how do you feel about pet cosplay? Do you have a pet cosplay you’ve created or one you’d love us to see? As always feel free to share in the comments or on any of our social media. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Stay Nerdy!


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