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Welcome to another RT: Fashion! This week we will be talking about nerdy jewelry. Sometimes your outfit is just not quite nerdy enough without some accessories to finish it off. Or perhaps you are looking to be more subtle with your nerdiness and just want a little nerd bling. I’ve scoured the far corners of the internet to bring you some of my favorite pieces of nerdy jewelry.

This crafter recycles ACTUAL motherboards from computers and makes jewelry out of them. These come in a variety of shapes and colors.

il_570xN.800349107_6spdCircuit Board Star Necklace by HardResols on Etsy

Perhaps it’s just a nerd stereotype (Or perhaps I have about 3 pairs of broken glasses laying around in my home…) but this pendant is just too adorable.

il_570xN.603118979_bh6dTaped together nerd glasses necklace by kittyscooch on Etsy

You are sure to get 150 bonus points if you catch this golden snitch for the lucky lady in your life!

il_570xN.802171521_9u79Harry Potter Golden Snitch engagement ring by SpiffingJewelry on Etsy

If you are a Legend of Zelda fan looking for some unique rings, then look no further!

il_570xN.785040018_34d3Legend of Zelda Kokiri, Goron, and Zora rings by mooredesign13 on Etsy

And while we’re on the subject of rings, why not tie the knot with this set of wedding bands sporting the famous lines from Leia and Han?

il_570xN.437350725_kgjvStar Wars I Love You/I Know wedding bands by SproutsbyBlazerArts on Etsy

Should the zombie apocalypse hit, you will be ready for anything when you wear these! (Disclaimer: this jewelry will not actually protect you during the zombie apocalypse. When/If that day comes, you run…you run far away!)

resident_evil_-_t-virus_and_anti-virus_charm_earrings_sterling_silver_bb84e41eResident Evil T-Virus and Anti-Virus earrings by YellerCrakka on ArtFire

Whether it is for cosplay or everyday wear, you will feel immortal wearing this necklace.

Free Shipping -Bahamut Lord of the Rings Arwen Evenstar Necklace Pendant + Jewelry Box LOTRLOTR Arwen’s Evenstar Necklace pendant on DHGate

And why not adopt some dragons while you’re at it?

all-egg-colorsGoT Dragon Egg necklace available in a variety of colors on bonanza

And you can wear these while you wait for your Raggedy Man and his big blue box.

aKojhlt7IFSonic Screwdriver earrings on ValueFind

An accessory no nerd should live without. This code is bound to get you out of almost anything.

il_570xN.717367085_272fKonami Code Bracelet by Treeleafleather on Etsy

This set includes everything an Attack on Titan fan could need or want!

Attack on Titan Emblems, Keychains, Key Necklace and Sword 9 Piece Jewelry Set,Shingeki no Kyojin SetShingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) 9-piece Set includes Emblem keychains, Key Necklace, and Sword on DHGate

Raise your hand if you spent hours playing Pac-Man in the 80s and well into the 90s?

634091866_tpPac-Man necklace in gold on bonanza

Here’s one for the Disnerds who are patiently awaiting their own Prince Eric.

$_12Disney The Little Mermaid charm necklace available on Amazon

How about this adorable Iron Man pendant???

2014 new ironman chain necklace marvel superhero avengers iron man pendant necklaces men jewelry gifts free shipping cx77Iron Man pendant necklace on DHGate

And last, but not least, some Avengers adorable-ness for your earlobes!

10082989_hiAvengers earrings available at Hot Topic

Who says that diamonds have to be a girl’s best friend? Diamonds are made from carbon which can be found in pencils!  Get some jewelry that really makes a statement about who you are.  Until next time, stay nerdy my friends!


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