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In case you’ve been living in a rabbit hole, Disney is releasing Alice Through the Looking Glass to theaters everywhere May 27th! In promotion of the new movie let’s talk fashion and Pops! There are a lot of fashions available for the classic animated Disney Alice in Wonderland as well, but we’re not going to wander down that rabbit hole today…


Hot Topic has an amazing line out for the movie. Right now you can get 20% off of everything on the site, including clearance! Also for a limited time, pay only $1 shipping on orders of $50 or more!

Through the Looking Glass Fashions

Available at Hot Topic (Check out the Look Book here):


Red Queen Heart Dress


Alice Tea Party Dress


Mad Hatter Military Vest


Red Queen Battle Coat


Alice Adventure Dress (my personal fave!)


And for the gentlemen:


Mad Hatter Lined Green Jacket, Mad Hatter Vest, and Mad Hatter Lined Black Jacket


Through the Looking Glass Accessories


Heart Choker


Cheshire Cat Hinge Wallet


Cord Bracelet Set


Rose Thorn Cuff Bracelet


Grey Embossed Barrel Bag

There are more accessories and casual dresses and tops available as well! Be sure to check out the whole line!

Through the Looking Glass Funko Pop! Vinyls


Funko POP Disney: Alice: Through The Looking Glass – Young Chesur

Funko POP Disney: Alice: Through The Looking Glass – McTwisp

Funko POP Disney: Alice: Through The Looking Glass – Mad Hatter

Funko POP Disney: Alice: Through The Looking Glass – Alice Kingsleigh

Funko POP Disney: Alice: Through The Looking Glass – Iracebeth

Through the Looking Glass Makeup and Nail Polish

Hot Topic is not the only place you can find Through the Looking Glass in fashion. Urban Decay has released a full line of makeup, and OPI has released a line of nail polishes inspired by the movie!


Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow Pallette


Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass Lipstick

Lipstick shades Alice, Mirana, and Time are currently out of stock on Urban Decay’s website but you may be able to locate them from other retailers. However, you can still order the new lipstick shades Mad Hatter, and Iracebeth!


OPI Alice Duo Pack (.10 oz. bottles) (Fearlessly Alice, and A Mirror Escape)


OPI Through the Looking Glass Mini Pack (.125 oz. bottles) (The I’s Have It, Oh My Majesty!, I’m Gown For Anything!, and Having a Big Head Day)

You can also buy single .5 oz bottles of each of these shades for $10 each. Check out the entire collection:


A Mirror Escape, Fearlessly Alice, Having a Big Head Day, I’m Gown for Anything, Mad for Madness Sake, Oh My Majesty, The I’s Have It, and What’s the Hatter With You?

Available at JC Penney Salon and other retailers. Inspired by Alice and her muchness…Also available in gel polish!

You can find a detailed swatching and review of all the shades from Karen Falcon on Beauty Geeks!

Be sure to go see Alice Through the Looking Glass and let us know what you think. If you buy any of these fine Through the Looking Glass fashions feel free to post pics showing it off either here or at any of our social media.

Stay Nerdy, my friends!


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