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Many cosplayers will pick a character who is visually stunning and just nail it.  Television and Movie characters are often chosen because they are so visual and the cosplayer can simply recreate what they see on the screen.  With books, we sometimes get to see the characters played out on screen, and we may even get to see what they look like in children’s books via the illustrations.  Often though, a cosplayer can use his or her imagination when cosplaying a literary character. 

Another thing that makes cosplaying as a literary character so appealing is that many of them can be recreated quite easily from clothes one might already have, can purchase cheaply at the flea market, or even everyday household items.  Below are just some great examples of just this.

tumblr_inline_n8rz2m6E931qikxo2Mazerunner costume by shuckfaceparadise

You could easily recreate this look from jeans, boots, a button-up shirt, and some fingerless gloves.  The vest may be the most difficult part of the costume.  You could take apart an old backpack, cut it up into the desired shape leaving the straps attached, sew it back together, and paint it. Presto! Mazerunner vest!

cliffordEmily Rose from the Clifford books is done by layering a sweater over a button-up, a skirt, some knee high socks, and black flats.  Just add in a stuffed Clifford!

veruka-saltVeruca Salt can be done by taking an ordinary long sleeved red dress, add buttons, a belt, a collar and wrist cuffs, white tights and black Mary Jane shoes.  Accessorize with your golden ticket and a giant lollipop.

the-paper-bag-princessIf you have an over-sized brown paper bag just cut out holes for your head and arms.  Otherwise you could use a plain roll of brown paper and tape the sides together on the inside.  Add a paper crown and smudge some dirt on yourself and you are ready to go, Princess!

Emily Rose from Clifford the Big Red Dog, Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Paper Bag Princess via gurl.com

9775b8fbefe6e574f36760517b35561fTris Prior Divergent costume via teen.com

Here’s another simple one. A red tanktop, some black skinny jeans, black boots and a ponytail and you are ready to be a divergent.  You can find temporary black bird tattoos for extra effect and why not a few fake throwing knives while you’re at it?

7633495318_d8e6b47a9c_bTin-Tin via MomentumBooks

First you need that classic pointy Tin-Tin coif. Pair it with a sweater over a button-up, some khakis and a stuffed Snowy and you are ready for adventure!

nancy_drew_6_by_intergalacticstockNancy Drew by intergalacticstock on Deviantart

You can technically dress in almost anything to pull off Nancy Drew but err on the side of preppy, add some sleuth gear such your trusty clue notebook, and either a flashlight or a magnifying glass and you are ready to solve some mysteries!

hermione1Hermione via He Geek She Geek

Hogwarts school uniforms can be easy to pull together. Just layer a charcoal grey sweater over a button-up, a grey pleated skirt for girls or grey pants for boys, some knee high stockings and black flats, and a tie in the appropriate house colors.  Bonus points for your house if you have the hairstyle to match!

the_hobbit___bilbo_baggins_cosplay___burglar_by_hikarulein-d695yi6Bilbo cosplay by Murdoc-lein

Raid your grandpa’s closet for this one! Some mustard brown pants, a green vest over a button-up and a maroon jacket will make this style.  You may need to accessorize if you want to convey Bilbo properly. You can buy fake ears from the costume or party supply shop, wear some hairy bigfoot slippers, and find a fake short sword.

anime_la___katniss_2_by_lady_skywalker-d5qts8mKatniss cosplay by Lady-Skywalker

There are many Katniss looks you can try to recreate but if you are going for simple then this one may be the simplest. Cargo pants, a black shirt, track jacket, and a side braid.  Having a bow and arrows will definitely add to it though.

So as you can see, many literary characters can be replicated into cosplay very easily.  The accessories are often what makes the cosplay stand out and feel more recognizable even if you don’t get every single detail of the clothing 100% accurate.

That’s all for today, nerds. Stay nerdy, my friends!


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