Replicate This Fashion: Hamilton Fashion

Hamilton Fashion

Hamilton Fashion

On This week’s Replicate This, I thought we would talk about Hamilton Fashion! The Hamilaria is strong, and it’s not going to die down any time soon.

Hamilton FashionHamilton Fashion

Do you feel like your wardrobe is seriously lacking in Hamilton? Closet got you feeling Helpless? Or perhaps you’re looking to cosplay as your favorite Hamilton character? I’ve got you covered!

Everyday Hamil-Fashion

If you’re not planning on cosplaying but still would like to add some Hamilton to your wardrobe, you should check out the Hamilgown Collection from Elhoffer Design.

Hamilton Fashion

Here are some of my favorite Hamilton T-shirts from the web

Hamilton FashionHamilton Fashion

Women’s I Had A Life Then I Listened Hamilton Funny T-Shirt (Amazon) (I will neither deny nor confirm the validity of the statement on this shirt)

Burr Shot First Alexander Hamilton Fan T Shirts (Amazon)

King George III TShirt A Revolutionary Villain (Amazon) (This shirt is everything)

And Peggy (RedBubble) (Come on, now! Can this shirt be any cuter?)


Now onto some Hamil-Fashion that’s more cosplay like!

Schuyler Sisters

From Creations of a Crafting Jewel, Jewel has written a series of posts chronicling her progress in making the Schuyler Sisters dresses.  Though Jewel has not completed the project yet, she gives very detailed tutorials on her progress, which I highly recommend checking out!

However if you are looking for already made gowns, I highly suggest these one of a kind gowns from CostumesbyAly on Etsy.

Hamilton Fashion

Angelica, Eliza, (& Peggy)….the Schuyler Sisters (Sorry I had to…not sorry). Though two of the gowns shown are in girls sizes, she does make them in adult sizes at a different price (See the Eliza page for details).

Alexander Hamilton

Here’s a stunning crossplay version of Alexander, created by PerditasWardrobe on Etsy.

Hamilton Fashion

If you’re more into traditional Alexander Hamilton fashion, you might be interested in this piece created by ThimbleandthreadsCo on Etsy.

Hamilton Fashion

King George

Remember the Elhoffer Design Hamilgown collection I talked about earlier? Well just gaze upon this glorious piece inspired by King George!

Hamilton Fashion

Seriously?! Why do I not own this? Follow Elhoffer Design on Instagram, and visit their Etsy shop.

Do you have Hamilaria? Have you a Hamilton cosplay to show us? We will never be satisfied, so bring them on! Do you have any fashions requests for me to build or find on the web for you? Let me know in the comments or any of our social media!

Stay Nerdy!


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