RT Fashion: Gender Reverse Cosplay

On today’s Replicate This! I will be discussing gender reverse cosplay. There are two different ways one could go about with gender reverse cosplay.

The first type of gender reverse cosplay I will be covering is called “Rule 63”. Basically, Rule 63 of the internet is that if there is a male character there is also a female version, and if there is a female character there is also a male version. In other words a female chooses a male character and puts her own spin on it to turn it into a feminine version of the character and vice versa.

Here are some fabulous examples:


These femme Doctors taken at the Gallifrey One Convention come courtesy of iO9


Femme Gambit from Elysiam Entertainment


The Joker and Harley Quinn gender swap from Mental Floss


Femme Pyramid Head from Silent Hill also courtesy of Mental Floss


Femme Firefly from Geek X Girls


And another Femme Ja(y)ne courtesy of Geeks are Sexy

The next batch of images come courtesy Of Foxes and Hedgehogs


The Punisher


The Justice League


The Huntress-er, Wonder Woman (Man?), and Power Girl-er…Guy

Check out our adorable friend Elsbeth in her Chuck cosplay! She’s the 2nd from the left.


The other realm of gender reverse cosplay is called crossplay. In crossplay, one dresses as a character who is of the opposite sex without changing the character’s gender. Here are some great examples:


Another shot of The Doctors courtesy of iO9


Castiel featuring our favorite fox, looking extra foxy, Shannon Fox!


This fabulous Cloud Strife by cosplaytimeeee

There are also many males who do crossplay, especially at anime conventions. Here are some images from the tumblr page Men of Crossplay



(I’m thinking of consulting these guys for some beauty tips ‘cause…..DAMN!)

So as you can see, cosplay is not limited by gender in any way. Make it fun, make it nerdy, make it you. Until next time, stay nerdy my friends!

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  1. Love the pictures, especially of people I know; Elsbeth (by the by, the lovely Megan Gotch a.k.a. The Nerdy Girlie is also in that pic!) and Shannon Fox.

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