RT Fashion: Game of Thrones Inspiration

Wasn’t the Game of Thrones Season Finale just so…….wow!? So many awesome things! I could go into detail but that’s not what this is about. We’re here for fashion! If you missed my GoT Fashion Evolution post last week you can read it here. Today we’re going to look at ways that you can recreate outfits inspired by looks worn by the characters on the show. Here we go!

Game of Thrones Inspiration

Deanerys Targaryen

I love Dany as a character but one thing I look forward to from week to week is seeing what she is wearing. Out of all the dresses she has worn on the show, this one has always really stood out to me because it is something that I could see myself wearing. Imagine my delight when I found a Greecian Goddess style dress that looked very reminiscent of Dany’s dress! I added a hand embroidered gold belt and some goddess like sandals and the look was complete.

GoT Fashion Inspiration

MSK Metallic-Print Pleated Blouson Gown in Aqua/Gold from Macy’s

Wide Metallic Gold Lace Sash Belt by girlslovelike on Etsy

Union Bay Richmond Flat Sandals at Boscov’s


Sansa Stark

Sansa went through a dark phase for a while. I don’t know if it was just her being influenced by Little Finger or if it was just her way of grieving for her lost family members. Inspired by her dark phase I found this lacy black corset dress, topped off with a black feather shawl, and accessorized by a replica of Sansa’s necklace.

GoT Fashion Inspiration


Two Layer Black Feather Shawl by feathersforsale on Etsy

Lace Long-Sleeve Brush Velvet Hi-Low Gown from Hot Topic

Game of Thrones Sansa Dark Necklace pre-order from Entertainment Earth


Arya Stark

This one surprised me the most because Arya’s outfits aren’t exactly my favorite on the show but this outfit ended up being my favorite to put together! Arya typically has a tomboyish style so I re-created the outfit she is most likely to be seen in. A tan crewneck shirt topped with a cropped tweed jacket, a tied belt, sand colored twill pants, and a brown infinity scarf really makes this outfit.

GoT Fashion Inspiration

Long-Sleeve Crewneck in Oatmeal from LL Bean

LOFT Brown Tweed ¾ Sleeve Jacket on Poshmark

Royal Apparel Bamboo Organic Infinity Scarf in Cocoa from Epic Sports

Women’s Belt with Gold Loop and Knot from Merona at Target

Maison Clochard Casual Pants in Sand from YOOX


Ellaria Sand

I just had to include this sultry viper in the mix. It was difficult to pick an outfit that wasn’t as revealing and at one point while curating for this outfit I ended up in places on the web I was not expecting ie. bondage websites! But I digress! To create this outfit I took a sweater dress overlayed with a harness belt that criss-crosses in front, and accessorized with a gold half circle necklace loosely inspired by Ellaria’s necklace.

GoT Fashion Inspiration

Stanzino V-Neck Sweater Dress in Charcoal at Walmart

Tan Leather Harness Belt by BohoMantra on Etsy

Half Circle Gold Necklace by howliteandstones on Etsy


I plan on re-creating more Game of Thrones Inspirations, so please let me know if there are any characters or any outfits in particular you’d like to see me recreate! Let us know in the comments here or on any of our social media.

Stay Nerdy!



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