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Game of Thrones has everything: sex, violence, hot people, dragons… and fashion! It’s been astonishing to see how each character’s style has evolved each season. Fashion isn’t just about the clothes a person wears, its about expressing something. Each character’s style has evolved as he or she faces different life experiences. Today, I’d like to touch upon Game of Thrones Fashion Evolution for three of the top ladies in the show: Daenerys, Cersei, and Sansa! WARNING: There may be spoilers ahead if you are not caught up. You have been WARNED!

G0T Fashion Evolution


It’s no secret how much I adore Dany! We have watched her grow from a meek maiden who suffered rape and abuse, to the strong, empowered queen she is today.

Fashion Evolution Dany When we first meet Dany, she is treated like property. Her abusive brother uses her as a pawn to bring their family back to royalty status. Daenerys is sold to the Dothraki to marry Khal Drogo. At this point her fashion reflects her status as nothing more than former royalty and an offering.

Fashion Eolution DaenarysDaenerys’ wedding dress is the first fashion resembling any kind of queen like status. The fabric is reflective of the Dothraki clothing in its rough texture.

Fashion Evolution DaenerysDany finally begins to take charge as not just Drogo’s possession, but the ‘moon of his life’. As a take charge lady gowns just will not do.

Fashion Evolution DaenerysPerhaps one of her most iconic outfits, Dany looks like a true Khaleesi in this stunning dress.

Fashion Evolution DaenerysAfter mourning the loss of her husband and unborn child, Dany is reborn into the Queen of Mireen. At this point in her reign, she uses her kindness and mother-like ruling approach to win her people over to not just respect her but also to love her.

Fashion Evolution DaenerysThe irony in this outfit is that she resembles the dove of peace, but for the first time chooses not to show mercy.

Fashion Evolution DaenerysBecoming ever more badass by the season, Daenerys draws back to her Dothroki roots with this look, which is well-timed as she calls upon them for the battle at Casterly Rock. She is home at Dragon Stone, but that still doesn’t stop her from wanting the ultimate goal: The Iron Throne!

Fashion Evolution DaenerysCan we talk about how stunning this coat is that she wore during the most recent episode??? The three-headed dragon charm is just the icing on the cake. She makes dressing for the cold North look hot!


Cersei started out with high status as Robert Baratheon’s Queen, but Cersei has faced trials and tribulations of her own to become the scary, wicked, badass lady that she is this season.

Fashion Evolution CerseiIn Season One we are introduced to Cersei as the uptight, snob of a woman whose only goal is remaining in a position of status. Still, despite the fact that she is married into the Baratheon house we can see her true nature as a Lannister embroidered all over her cloak.

Fashion Evolution CerseiWith her King deceased, Cersei now has to remain in her position of status by keeping up the charade that her children are Robert’s, and not those of her brother Jaime. She has let down her hair but not her guard.

Fashion Evolution CerseiCersei is now taking on a matronly role and guiding her future daughter-in-law into her position as the Queen, betrothed to Joffrey.

Fashion Evolution CerseiCersei is a woman scorned, mourning the loss of her oldest son, King Joffrey. Poisoned by anger she is convinced that her own brother Tyrion killed her son. At this point her fashion shows not only a period of mourning, but also darkness and revenge.

Fashion Evolution CerseiNow at one of her lowest points, who could forget Cersei’s walk of shame? This fashion was not hers by choice but forced upon her as she refused to confess her sins. Even her own son Tomen couldn’t help her as King. Still, Cersei held her head up and performed her walk as a broken, bleeding, naked woman. No wonder Cersei has so much rage inside her!

Fashion Evolution CerseiBy this point Cersei has lost all three of her children, but not her status. She finally gains the position she has longed for as ruler of the Iron Throne. Her fashion reflects that of armor, as in the thick skin she has earned by facing many perils to gain the right to sit on the throne and keep it!

Fashion Evolution CerseiCersei has shown that she will do anything, torture, and kill anyone to show just what kind of a queen she is. She doesn’t even care about the people knowing that she sleeps with her brother. Cersei gives zero f*cks. Will Cersei fall this season? The trailer has hinted at it.


Sansa has always been the kind of girl who likes pretty things. Unlike her younger sister, Arya, Sansa is a gleaming example of a proper young lady.

Fashion Evolution SansaWhen we meet Sansa, it is established that there is an arranged marriage between she and Joffrey, the would-be King. At this point she has no idea just how much of a dick Joff is, she’s just giddy at the idea of becoming Queen.

Fashion Evolution SansaSansa has begun to show an inkling of her future Queen status. You can tell by her hairstyle that she is highly influenced by Cersei. Still, unlike Cersei who wears more flamboyant colors, Sansa wears more youthful, innocent pastels most of the time.

Fashion Evolution SansaWith Joffrey now betrothed to Margery Tyrell, Sansa’s dreams of becoming queen have been squashed. She still becomes a part of the royal family as she is forced to marry Tyrion. Her style still reflects a woman who desires to live in a state of high status, even if it means sacrificing happiness.

Fashion Evolution SansaSansa has fire in her belly, though slightly influenced by Little Finger. Sansa has begun taking on a look that emulates that of her late mother, Catelyn Stark.

Fashion Evolution SansaHer look grows even darker, as this season Sansa is married off to yet another house. Though Ramsey pretends to be a kind gentlman, once they are wed he reveals his true, sadistic nature.

Fashion Evolution SansaSansa has been through the ringer and is visably broken. Her hair is no longer in high, fancy styles but a loose side braid. Her clothing is no longer dark and sensual but grey and somewhat shroud-like. Sansa doesn’t give AF.

Fashion Evolution SansaSansa has returned to her home in the North which seems to have revitalized her. She has returned to her dark lady looks and it really suits her. Lady Stark is certainly enjoying her position as ruler of the North in Jon’s absence. Will she let it go to her head, or will she actually be a good ruler? So far it seems as though she has made some smart decisions so we shall see!

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