Nerdcessities: Game of Thrones Wedding Dresses

In case you didn’t know, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie finally tied the knot! They are such an adorable couple who started out on-screen together on Game of Thrones. So in honor of their big day I thought we could take a look back on some Game of Thrones Wedding Dresses! WARNING: Spoilers ahead! If you are not all the way caught up I’d suggest turning back now.

Game of Thrones Wedding Dresses


Game of Thrones WeddingThough the material on this dress is very shabby looking, this dress is still beautiful. I love how it makes her look like a Grecian goddess. Perhaps that’s why I chose a very similar dress when the male floating head and I renewed our vows.


Game of Thrones WeddingOkay, so this dress was so unspectacular in comparison to other GoT wedding dresses it was hard for me to even find an image of it in which her stomach was not stabbed. Let’s be honest here, if you’re going to get married in a dress that looks like this you should probably expect something bad will happen. It’s grey. I’ve seen more appealing dresses worn by the Marthas on The Hand Maid’s Tale. Poor Talisa, I’ll stop now.

Sansa #1

Game of Thrones WeddingSo maybe Tyrion wasn’t the groom Sansa wanted but she really could have done worse. This dress however was GORGEOUS! Makes me wish that white wasn’t the traditional wedding dress color in our time. Can you imagine how heavy this dress must have been though? It looks like it took at least four sets of drapes to make it.

Margaery #1

Game of Thrones WeddingMargaery just wanted power. She didn’t care about who she had to marry to get there. This wedding dress was a display of beautiful embroidery and whatever that macramé rug is she’s got in the back there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely beautiful, but it also looks a little sinister grandma to me.

Margaery #2

Game of Thrones WeddingThat’s right, Joffrey was barely cold in the ground when she married his little brother. This poor kid had no idea what he was getting himself into by marrying such a power hungry, strong woman. Her wedding dress this time was much more regal looking, and somewhat more demure with the cape covering the majority of her exposed skin.

Sansa #2

Game of Thrones WeddingI don’t even want to go into what happened on her wedding night. That was rough. Back to the dress…When one is getting married in a colder climate, one’s dress will consist of many, many layers. At least she must’ve been warm. Doesn’t she just look so happy though?


Game of Thrones WeddingOnce again, a beautiful, Grecian goddess wedding gown. This gorgeous gown was worn by Lyanna Stark during her secret wedding to Rhaegar Targaryen.  Sure, they kinda killed the sexy mood of Jon and Dany by overlaying the fact that his birth father was Dany’s brother, but really when you think about all the sibling acts of naughty that have happened on this show, it certainly makes Jon and Dany hooking up seem way less icky.

Who will be next to tie the knot on GoT? Will we even get to see another wedding in the final season? What color will the next wedding be? Comment with your predictions!

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