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Body Paint

Greetings, Nerds! I have seen a lot of inspired body paint artists, so I thought I would feature a few of my favorites for you! This really is a skill that is not easy to pull off. Not just anyone can put some paint on their body and have it end up looking like a work of art. While there are many great body paint artists out there, these just happen to be a few of my favorites!

Kay Pike

Kay Pike is a body paint artist who is best known for transforming herself into various characters, typically comic book characters, using only body paint. The technique she uses makes her look as though she stepped right off of a comic book page. Take a look!

You can visit Kay on her Twitch page, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram!


Argenis Pinal

Argenis Pinal is another comic book style body painter. He does tutorials on some of his looks, and he also does body painting on other models.

Visit Argenis’ Website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Madeulook (Lex)

Lex from Madeyewlook has been featured a couple of times already and that is because she is awesome and I heart her! Not only is she a talented body painting artist who provides detailed tutorials on YouTube, she also has her own brush line! Check out her awesome Venom!

You can purchase the Madeulook brushes at her website here. Subscribe to her YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Those are definitely some talented artists! I could never be so bold as to wear full body paint in public as I have seen some people do, but I wish I possessed the talent that these artists do! Be sure to check out the rest of their amazing works. Have you seen some great body paint? Let us know!

Stay Nerdy, my friends!


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