RT CrafterNoon: Nerdy Mother’s Day

Next Sunday is a very special day. If the mom in your life is nerdy, and you wanna wish her a Nerdy Mother’s Day not just any gift will do. Whether you are buying a Nerdy Mother’s Day gift for your own mom, your nerdy spouse, or if there are any special friends or family in your life who are moms (animal moms count too!), or you’re a crafty DIY nerd, here are a few ideas to get you going!

Nerdy Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Buy

Not everyone is crafty, and that’s okay! You can still buy a Nerdy Mother’s Day gift that is personal to that special nerd mom in your life.

Pi Messenger Bag

Nerdy Mother's Day

If you can’t bake your mom a pie for Mother’s Day, then perhaps you could buy her this sweet Pi Messenger Bag from CognitiveSurplus on Etsy.

Star Wars Family Decals

Nerdy Mother's Day

It seems everywhere you go you see minivans with those stick figure families on them…a nerdy mom is more likely to appreciate these Star Wars Family decals from Think Geek…the force is strong with this minivan.

Wonder Woman Apron

Nerdy Mother's Day

Help that special mom in your life feel like the Wonder Woman she really is with this Wonder Woman Apron by ICUP on Amazon

Death Star Tea Infuser

Nerdy Mother's Day

Is mom a tea drinker? Perhaps she’ll like this Death Star Tea Infuser from Think Geek.

Glass Beaker Coffee Mug

Nerdy Mother's Day

Or if mom is obsessed IN A VERY HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with coffee like I am, you could get her this Glass Beaker Mug by EISCO on Amazon.

Queen Serenity & Chibiusa Necklace

Nerdy Mother's Day

If mom is a fan of Sailor Moon, she’ll probably love this symbol of love between mother and daughter. This Motherlove Collection Cameo of Neo Queen Serenity and Chibiusa from LittleBreezesCrafts on Etsy is just precious.


DIY Nerdy Mother’s Day Gifts

If you’re looking for Nerdy Mother’s Day gifts that you can make for that special mom in your life (or if there’s a child who’s looking for something to make for mom with some help), you’ve come to the right place.

Lego Bracelet

Nerdy Mother's Day

Making a bracelet for mom is something just about every kid has done. If the mother in your life is a it nerdy, chances are she will appreciate this Lego Bracelet. This one involves the use of power tools so if a child is making this, they will need the help of an adult. You can find the full tutorial from Jamonkey.

Mario Paper Fire Flowers

Nerdy Mother's Day

Looking to give some flowers to mom? How about some nerdy flowers that she can treasure for a long time? These Mario Paper Fire Flowers might do the trick! See the full tutorial from Tally’s Treasury.

Mother of Dragons Cross Stitch

Nerdy Mother's Day

If you know how to cross stitch, there are many patterns available online. You could make the mother in your life feel like the powerful Queen she is with this Mother of Dragons Cross Stitch. The pattern is available for purchase from NataliNeedlework on Etsy (Who has a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal going!)


So there you have it! While I do feel there needs to be some serious rectification in the amount of recognition for Nerdy Mother’s Day gifts, I hope that I have given you a few ideas to start with. Whether your own mom is a nerd, your spouse is a nerdy mom, or there’s anyone special in your life who is a mom to the human or animal variety, make them feel special and proud to be a nerd this Mother’s Day.

Stay Nerdy, my friends!


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