RT Crafternoon: Literary Crafts!

Good morrow, thou dearest nerdfolk!  On today’s Crafternoon, in keeping with this week’s literary theme, we will be focusing on literary crafts.  Namely these crafts focus most on the classic authors.  There is so much merchandise available for modern literature but not a lot for the greats of our past.  You could however use any of these crafts for our modern literary gods and goddesses should you so desire. 

Literary Jewelry

il_570xN.661759847_qszwPride and Prejudice jewelry set by ByTheBookBoutique on Etsy

il_570xN.730750379_r9h8Jane Eyre quote ring by CSLiteraryJewelry on Etsy

You can purchase the means necessary to make your own literary jewelry at a craft store.  Buy a blank ring or pendant, glue down a piece of the page you’d like captured in the jewelry (or print out your own if you wish to do no harm to a precious book), and cover it in resin.  However, if you do not have the skill or patience to make your own jewelry you can visit one of the lovely Etsy sites I have provided.

Writer’s Blocks

imagesHere is clever craft that incorporates literature and is itself a pun.  Take some plain wooden blocks and transfer book illustrations and/or page excerpts onto the wood.  Simply follow the tutorial here and apply the same technique to the wooden blocks.

The Raven Pillow


Find your fabric of choice to make your pillow.  A lighter color such as white or ivory will probably work best (try a fabric such as muslin because it is sturdy and won’t be as likely to soak in the inks distorting the image and writing).  Before you sew the pieces together to make the pillow take just the half that you will be putting the design on.

Find a silhouette image of a raven you’d like to use and cut that out of card stock.  Use the negative space around the raven you just cut out as the stencil.  Use black fabric paint to paint the raven onto the center of the pillow.

Find the section of “The Raven” that you wish to quote.  Consider printing it out at about the same size as the pillow so that you have an idea of how big you need to make the letters. Now take a fabric pen or marker and carefully and neatly write the passage onto the pillow.  If your penmanship skills leave a lot to be desired you could always try using letter stencils instead of writing freehand.

Sew your pillow halves together, stuff it, and voila! A raven pillow fit for Edgar Allen Poe himself.

Literary Quote Embroidery


You could embroider your favorite literary quote, such as this one from Emily Dickinson, onto a piece of fabric to frame or whatever other purpose you have in mind.  You could also embroider a little design in the corner or sew on a delicate applique you find at the craft store.

Book Flowers

2011-11-13-20_57_50If you have any old books lying around or happen upon some at a flea market, you can easily turn the pages into flowers that will never wither and die.  There are many different styles you can choose from depending on what type of flower you are trying to replicate. Below are a few tutorials I have found:

Paper Rose: http://www.elli.com/blog/paper-rose-gift-topper-gift-tag/

Paper Flower: http://justgivemestamps.typepad.com/my_weblog/tutorials/

Paper Gardenia: http://liagriffith.com/diy-paper-gardenia/

Book Purse


How cool is this? If you have an old hardcover book lying around that you think would make a great design for a purse, simply follow the tutorial found here. How unique!

As you can see there are many ways to celebrate your love of literature and create beautiful things for your home and everyday life. Send us pictures of your literary creations at [email protected]

Stay crafty my friends!


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