RT Crafternoon: Gruesome Torturous Decor

Some people like to go subtle with their Halloween decorations, while others want something a little more on the gruesome torturous side! It’s torture week here on NC so of course I was strangely excited to find the most unusual, horrifying, torturous Halloween decorations that you can make yourself.

Gruesome Torturous Decor

I used to set my guest bathroom up to look like a scene from a murder. I had a shower curtain that I splattered red paint all over, put bloody hand prints on the mirror, body parts, and a garland that has fake knives and saws on it. I also would change out the regular light bulb for a red one to give the room a more eerie feel. Little blood pools on the counter top would have rice in them to look like maggots. It was quite convincing. I wish I had pictures to show you but I thought I would begin this article by describing how I used to set up a torture scene.


Gruesome Torturous

One thing you can do to set up a gruesome torture scene is a display like this one from Halloween Forum user TwistedUK’s album titled Slaughterhouse. Simply take some plywood and screw or cement a variety of body parts and light-weight tools. You’ll want to add some fake blood, and screw the plywood to a dowel rod or even a shovel could do the trick. Finally you’ll want to affix the pole to some kind of base by drilling a hole into it and gluing or screwing it in place.

Human Flesh Table Cloth

Gruesome Torturous

This tablecloth was created by Instructables user Tye Rannosaurus originally for a feature horror film called “A House is Not a Home” before deciding to make another for herself. This is not exactly an easy DIY but with patience, time, and the right materials you too can ensure that your family never wants to eat dinner at your house again! Read the full tutorial here.

Homemade Guts

Gruesome Torturous

Chances are you may need some blood and guts for part of your gruesome torturous display. With some inexpensive household supplies you can easily make some convincing gory intestines! Check out this tutorial by eHow Contributor Leonardo R. Grabkowski.

Dead Skin Framed Face

Gruesome Torturous

This one I found on Pinterest and the link is directed to an EBay auction that has ended. However it looks like the user has others available. You can easily make your own from an old mask or by making a face mask out of liquid latex on a mannequin head.

If you do the liquid latex method you will need to build up a few layers of the liquid latex, and apply some talcum powder or flour on top and underneath the mask while slowly peeling it up to avoid tearing. Add some fake blood as needed. Find a frame big enough for the face to fit in with room to spare. Now fasten the face to the frame using wire. Voila! Creepy framed face!

More Guts!

Gruesome Torturous

If you’re looking for a less liquidy version of guts, you can easily make guts using spray foam. Instructables user jzuwala motts has the full tutorial on how to make these nasty guts.

Eye Baller

Gruesome Torturous

I found this pic on Pinterest, but there was no tutorial to go with it. If you are good at painting you can make your own eyeball by painting a ping pong ball. Alternatively you can find a bag of eyeballs at the Dollar Tree. Hot glue the eyeball into an old melon-baller and paint the glue with red paint. You can create the eyeball strings out of hot glue and paint them also. Add some more paint on random areas of the eye b-er,  I mean melon-baller to make it look totally gruesome.

So if you want to start building your own gruesome display, buy body parts when they go on clearance and doctor them up with some paint to make them look more realistic if need be. Also whenever someone is planning to get rid of some old tools, see if you can take them! Even if they are rusted and can’t be used as actual tools any longer they will really add to your display. Vermin such as rats, bugs, and maggots will also add to the creep factor.

I find that watching Clive Barker movies really inspires me when it comes to the gruesome and torturous. The Hellraiser movies are especially my favorites! Saw is another great resource to look up gruesome torturous scenarios. Don’t be afraid to tap into your psychotic side a little!

Stay Nerdy!


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