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Welcome to Replicate This: Nerd Fashion edition 1, where we show you how you can dress like your favorite characters. No, not necessarily cosplay, but say you wake up feeling like making an impression at a meeting and looking like you can kick some ass, so you are inspired to be Sarah Walker! We are here to help! Below you’ll find outfit options for a few Chuck and Sarah looks!

Chuck 2Here we have the this means business/possibly date night look. (Realistically, this qualifies as professional/work attire if you had an office job, but we can discuss how to change it up for a date.)

Chuck – Male outfit:

chuck 2 mensBlack Travel Suit jacket, Flat front suit pants, Oxford Blue button-down shirt, and Bradford Mens dressing shoes by Stafford at JC Penney.

Show your clients you’re ready to do business, or treat your significant other to a fancy restaurant. Remove the jacket and tie for a more casual date night setting.


Chuck – Female version:

Chuck 2 womensWomens Liz Claiborne 1-button jacket, boot cut trousers, St. Johns Bay button-up in Blue Bird Chambray, and Aerosoles wedge loafers at JC Penney.

Again, this would be very appropriate attire for an office job but could also be worn on a date.  You could substitute the loafers for a pair of pumps very easily.

Sarah’s look:

Chuck 2 SarahWomens fitted blazer by Covington at Sears, High-waisted mini pencil skirt by Charlotte Russe, black tank top by Eddie Bauer, and Nine West flax patent leather black pumps by Belk.

This is a dressy outfit that could be worn at a meeting in the afternoon, and adjusted for date night.  Simply remove the jacket, add a pretty necklace…BOOM! You’re Sarah Walker!

Chuck 3Our last look is casual.

Chuck – Male outfit:

Chuck 3 mensMens straight leg jeans in New Dark Authentic by Old Navy, dark grey long sleeved shirt and basic black t-shirt by H&M, and Unisex black Chuck Taylors by Converse at Zappos.

Chuck – Female version:

Chuck 3 womens

Womens The Diva boot cut jeans in Rinse by Old Navy, long sleeved tee in Oxford Grey by Champion, black crew neck t-shirt by Hanes, and the same unisex sneakers as above^

Sarah’s look:

Chuck 3 SarahBrown faux leather jacket by Xhileration at Target, Sweetheart skinny jeans in Rinse by Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger V-neck tee in Optic Blue at Macy’s, and Chelsea flat in black at Payless Shoe Source.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Nerd Fashion, let us know if you want to see more or if there’s a particular character you’d like us to replicate! <3

Stay nerdy my friends, ~JW
Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.35.24 PM    Enjoy nerds, ~RScreen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.36.18 PM

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