Replicate This: Fashion – Nostalgia Edition!

Hello, nerds! Continuing with our nostalgia theme for the week, I thought I would show you how to recreate some of the iconic looks from some of the beloved characters from geekdom’s past! I’m talking looks from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s here! You don’t necessarily have to even wear these looks just for cosplay, though some are a little stranger than others! Let’s get started!

Image18Our first showcase for the 70’s comes from Scooby Doo! The look I decided to recreate was Velma’s.  Velma was one groovy, hot, nerdy chick.


Orange Turtleneck sweater $25.99 from Lolli Culture

Burgundy accordion skirt $34.99 on ModCloth

Knee high orange socks $13.99 on Absolute Socks

Burgundy Mary Janes by Zulilly

Image24Our next look comes from Judy Jetson! If you wanted to do an authentic cosplay rather than everyday wear, you may have to put a little more work into making that space-age collar, but I have laid the groundwork for the rest of the outfit below.


Leggings in fuchsia $17.00 by Hanes

Hot pink pleated skirt $16.90 by Choies

Black flats $20.00 at Famous Footwear

Pink crop top $8.00 on

Image25Next up, we have the 80’s! Starting with Jem (Truly outrageous!). As far as the loud and colorful 80’s looks went, this one is relatively tame.  There is so much sugary pink going on in this outfit, I can practically taste it!


¾ sleeve wrap dress in flamingo by

Fuschia scarf $9.95 by Peach Couture

Bubblegum pumps $24.70 by Go Heels

Jem inspired earrings $25.00 by StarlightDecoDream on Etsy

Image38Next up we have Quantum Leap.  There were many looks sported throughout the course of this show but this look of Al’s was perhaps the most recognizable, iconic outfit.  This one took some creativity, but I bequeath unto thee the secret to looking like Al (Just remember if you get that Gummy Bear iPhone case, whenever you Google something you need to say, “According to Ziggy”).


Silver jacket $69.00 on Amazon (bonus it doubles as a Quicksilver jacket!)

Mens dress shirt in spice $24.99 at JCPenney

Mens white dress shoes $39.99 at Journeys

Mens white pants $21.99 from Dickies

Orange sunglasses $28.99 on

“Gummy Bear” Handlink iPhone case $25.00 by Rich Taylor on Redbubble

Image1I now present to you the 90’s, starting with Lois and Clark.  Lois was usually seen in typical office wear but she was also often seen wearing black dresses.  Lace black dresses were extremely popular in the 90’s.


Black lace dress $15.00 from H&M

Black pumps $16.99 at Kmart

Image26And finally the 90’s version of the Scooby Gang, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I chose Willow’s look to recreate because she had a lot of craziness going on in those first couple of seasons (think grandma and toddler all rolled into one look).  She didn’t have just one specific go-to outfit but I replicated something that Willow would likely have worn.


Flower skirt $6.00 on

Striped sweater $19.97-29.97 from Norm Thompson

Leggings in bronze $31.99 on

Red sneakers $29.99 by Nine West

Isn’t it fun looking back on nerdy fashions throughout the decades? Think about what our icons of today wear.  What will the next generation think of their wears? Are there any nostalgic icons whose look you’d wear today? Am I going to stop asking questions???? And the answer is……For now.

Stay nerdy!


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