Replicate This: Fashion – Nerds at Work

I work in an office….this means that I can’t wear my nerdy t-shirts to work! But I am always looking for ways to show off my nerdy side in a way that is still work appropriate.  You shouldn’t have to hide your love for being a nerd just because there is a dress code.  There are many ways you can show off a little nerd flare in the work place.il_570xN.795820902_lnjpOne of my favorite accessories to wear whether I am at work or dressing casual is a nice scarf.  Infinity scarves are awesome because you don’t have to worry about tying them to get them to stay put.  Here are some beautiful examples of nerdy scarves.

Talk Nerdy to Me infinity scarf by Twelve21Creations on Etsy

DC Women infinity scarf by Crazy JanesCustoms on Etsy

TARDIS infinity scarf and Constellation infinity scarves by RoobyLane

wnc346_catsonbooks_black__21154.1394803703.1280.1280 10183619_hiSocks are another subtle way that you can show some nerdy flare in the workplace without going overboard.  How many people actually see your socks at work? But you know….oh yes, you know they’re there for you.

Cats on Books socks by Joy of Socks

Men’s Geek socks by Socksmith

Harry Potter House socks by Think Geek

Harley Quinn over the knee socks by Hot Topic (soon to sell out!)

il_570xN.644833308_ndpv020909_tf_8bitties_selection Gentlemen, I present to you…nerdy ties.  There is a vast array of designs available from the subtle-almost-can’t-tell-it’s-nerdy tie to the loud and blatantly nerdy tie!

Game controller tie by Cyberoptix on Etsy

Pong tie available on Amazon (the other designs you may need to dig for)

10452040_hi 10227154_hiThe trusty belt.  Most of us wear one whether we need it or not.  A belt can really pull an outfit together.  Why not wear a belt that’s a bit on the nerdy side?

Doctor Who belt and Zelda belt available at Hot Topic

Image2Pins, buttons…whatever you wanna call them! You can wear one or you can wear many.  Wherever you want to stick them to showcase what you are nerdy about, do it! You can find pins for virtually ANY realm of nerdiness you can imagine at places such as Hot Topic, FYE, or Spencer’s Gift Shops.  These Big Bang Theory pins are available at

il_570xN.575546043_dm51Ladies, you can also wear your nerd pride in your hair.  How about some nerdy bows? This Etsy artist has many other designs to choose from. Check out CrazyJanesCustoms on Etsy.

Image15Don’t forget you can always accessorize with some nerdy jewelry.  ICYMI, check out my past Nerdy Jewelry article!

e5ed_adipose_stress_toy ef2c_han_solo_in_carbonite_business_card_holder httq_batman_batarang_letter_openerNow if you work for a company that will not allow you to stray from a specific stated uniform dress code, you may still be able to showcase your nerdiness via nerdy desk supplies!

Adipose stress toy

Han Solo business card holder

Batarang letter opener

Check out these and numerous other nerdy office supplies on Think Geek!

So there you have it, these are just some of the ways that you can let your nerd flag fly in the work place.  How do you stay nerdy at work? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay nerdy friends!


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