Replicate This Fashion – How to Dress Like a Doctor Who Companion

Welcome to another Replicate This Fashion! This week we will discuss how to dress like a Doctor Who companion, because honestly, what is the Doctor without his companion?


Mind you these are simply suggestions. You can find the pieces to put together your own companion outfit (be it for cosplay or everyday wear) just about anywhere.

Rose Tyler


Pink hoodie by JC Penney (Though the actual hoodie worn by Rose is a Diesel Forever Yours in dark pink)

Dollhouse Beckham Flare Jeans in Dark Blue on

V-Neck T-shirt in Popsicle pink by Mossimo at Target (Though you could really wear any t-shirt under the hoodie)

White Copenhagen faux leather sneakers by Nordstrom


Martha Jones


Red Leather Jacket on

Sweet n Low jeans in ol’love note wash by Luck Brand

Next Level ladies tanktop in hot pink by

Black high heeled leather booties by H&M


Donna Noble


Vintage long brown leather coat on

Long Heather grey sweater on

Burgundy camisole by NY & Company

Wide brown belt by Calvin Klein at Macy’s

Dark blue jeans from Maurices

Brown flats from Target


Amy Pond


Faux leather moto jacket in brown by Macy’s

V-Neck sweater in Maroon at Target

Tank top in Rio Rose at Target

Black shorts by H&M

Brown Heritage Ariat Cowboy boots on

(Just add a pair of sheer tights!)


Clara Oswald


Kelly by Clinton Kelly ¾ sleeve navy blazer on

Ariana modest navy polka dot dress on

Vera Wang control top tights in black at Kohl’s (but really you can find black tights just about anywhere!)

Chunky heel lace up ankle boots in black on


Everyone has his or her own favorite companion. Each companion gave us memorable moments and feels. It is only right to pay homage to the companions as they are the counterparts to the Doctor. Each companion interacts differently with different regenerations of The Doctor. Who was your favorite companion?

Until next time, stay nerdy my friends!


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