Replicate This Fashion: Disney Princess Inspiration 2

Welcome back to week two of Replicate This Fashion: Disney Princess Inspiration! I am so in love with these outfits that I have pulled together for you that I wish I had the funds to buy them all. I could dress like a modern day Disney Princess EVERY DAY! *Shakes head rapidly as she snaps back to reality* Alright then! Without further ado let’s get to these fashions, shall we?


Aside from Ariel, I would have to say Rapunzel is my favorite Disney Princess. She’s so cute and curious and a bit naive. Despite being trapped in a tower her whole life she knows how to take care of herself armed with the very frying pan she used to make breakfast that morning. Though Flynn is the one who convinces her  to leave the tower by promising her he will take her to see the floating lights, she never really needed a man to help her leave that tower. Live your dream in these gorgeous Rapunzel inspired outfits.


Rapunzel Inspired Running Top (only 1 available from this seller) from iGlowRunning on EBay

Joe’s Super Skinny Zipper-Pocket Jeans in Plum at Saks Off 5th Avenue

Steve Madden Gold Flip Flops on Jet

Gold Sun Live Your Dream Charm Necklace by JayeLKnight on Etsy


Sakkas Spring Maiden Ombre Peasant Dress on Amazon

Gold Flower Necklace by AngeliquEve on Etsy

Steve Madden Dipper Shoes in Blush on



Tiana dreams of opening her own restaurant. I would say of all the Disney Princesses that is possibly the most grounded dream of them all…but Tiana realizes that her dream won’t come true just by wishing on a star. Hard work and dedication is what it takes to accomplish your dreams. You may end up kissing a couple frogs along the way but eventually you will find what you are looking for.


Akira Embroidered Blouse on Monroe and Main

Denim Flex Jegging in Green Frost at Maurices

Green Frog Necklace by DaysLongGone on Etsy

Splendid Lakota Booties in Moss Silky Cow Suede on


Sleeveless Pleated Chiffon Dress in Green on

Maya Barely There Strappy High Heels in Mint Green on Pilot

Chinese Money Frog Bracelet by LeilaNicoleDesigns on Etsy

Wrapped Chalcedony Necklace by ThreeSistersFoundry on Etsy



Merida is no damsel in distress. Merida is torn between doing what is expected of her, and following her heart. Merida is also a great role model for girls who want to be brave and independent. You can channel the Scottish beauty in the outfits I have put together.


Green and Navy Plaid Skirt by KatrajinaCo on Etsy

High Waist Slim Leggings in Dark Green on EBay (quantities may be limited)

Modbod ¾ length Sleeve Shirt in Hunter Green on

Clarks Gelata Freeza Boots in Bronze Metallic on

Motojacket in Caramel from Maurices


Long Sleeve Shift Dress in Crocodile Green at Target

Forever Women’s “Jessy-33” Knee High Wedge Boots on

Bow and Arrow Necklace by FishesGiveKisses on Etsy

Fossil Floral Emboss Brown Belt on



I know that Alice isn’t really a “princess” per say, but she is still a classic Disney female lead that many know and love, so why not include her? Alice daydreams through her studies and ends up down the rabbit hole to Wonder Land. Whether you are celebrating a very Merry Un-Birthday with some friends, or attending a quiet tea party, you will look adorable in these Wonder-ful outfits (see what I did there?).


Slim Fit Pants in Light Blue Denim by H&M

Contrast Toe Ballet Flats in Cream/Black from Forever 21

St. John’s Bay Sleeveless Button Front Shirt from JCPenney

Light Blue Button-Up Jacket by CiChic

Alice “Drink Me” Necklace by Shrimp Creations on Etsy

Black Bow Headband by Juicy Bows on Etsy


White Lace Skirt (only 1 available from this seller) by The Velvet Princess on Etsy

Light Blue Ann Taylor Ruffled Button-Up Blouse (only 1 available from this seller) from Magpie and Otis on Etsy

Black Bow Corset Belt with Crystal Accents by creatingwithni on Etsy

Fantasma Mary Jane Gangster Pumps on EBay

Pocket Watch Charm Necklace by emilymoon2003 on Etsy

Alice in Wonderland Charm Bracelet by EveIsScrapping on Etsy


I think that it’s safe to say that this week’s Disney Princess theme was dreams. Whether your dreams are as big as a sky full of floating lanterns, or as simple as opening a restaurant, live your dream.


Stay nerdy, my friends!


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