Nerdcessities: Nerdy Holiday Nostalgia

Greetings, Curious Crowd! Today we are going to be talking about Nerdy Nostalgia! No matter what you celebrate, there’s always a way to put a nerdy spin on your holiday. When I think about past holidays, my nerdy little heart becomes overwhelmed with nostalgia and there are many things I like to decorate with during the holiday season to keep my family’s traditions going  but with my own nerdy twist! Here are some DIYs you can use to decorate your home this holiday season!


Okay so this one could technically be a Halloween wreath…but it is from the Nightmare Before CHRISTMAS after all! This is quite a clever idea if you like things that are a little strange, or if you’re just obsessed with NMBC like I am. How many other movies can you watch on both Halloween AND Christmas? (Or… whenever you feel like watching it because no one has the right to judge you!).

MEW- copy

Nightmare Before Christmas Man Eating Wreath tutorial found on

There are several wibbly wobbly, timey wimey Doctor Who wreaths to adorn your front door!


TARDIS Ornament Wreath by GeekWithAGlueGun on Etsy

Tom Baker scarf wreath by aaeth on Tumblr

Eleventh Doctor wreath by UberDorkDesigns on Etsy

You can easily create a Harry Potter inspired wreath by using a grapevine wreath, a wire horcrux, and a scarf in your house colors!


Or you can purchase one from RinMarksArt on Etsy.

Paper Snowflakes

The Legend of Zelda


Pattern by squiddlylumpkins



There’s no pattern but….It’s a Loki snowflake. Isn’t that really all you need to know?

Loki made by G-EEKY on Tumblr

Doctor Who


Weeping Angels and the TARDIS by 13Katyusha13 on Deviantart

Game of Thrones


Patterns for each of the GoT houses by Krystal Higgins

Sometimes Santa needs a little help getting kids to remember to be good. That’s where old Krampus comes in!


Krampus ornament by ArtByJesserCat

How’s about Festivus for the Rest of Us?!


DIY Festivus pole found on Blah Blob Log

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!


Charlie Brown Christmas tree from coffee, light & sweet

A Major Award


Fra-gee-lay! It must be Italian! Actually it is a replica of the famous leg lamp from A Christmas Story! You can make a miniature version such as the one pictured using a doll’s leg for the base (depending on the size you are going for you could use a My Size Barbie doll leg, or a regular Barbie Doll leg if you want to go really miniature), cover it in part of a fishnet stocking, add a high heeled doll shoe, and a miniature lamp shade, on top of a wooden base. OR! If you are really full of gusto and want one that is full sized, watch the video below:


Even though I do not celebrate Hanukkah, I know there are many nerds who do and this just happens to be the week of Hanukkah (This year it began on Sunday December 6th, and will end the evening of Monday December 14th). So it just didn’t feel right to not include Hanukkah in this post. Below you will find some nerdy Hanukkah decorations.

Star Trek Menorah


Found on

R2D2 Droidel Papercraft


Papercraft can be downloaded from

Lego Dreidels


Found on

Dinosaur Menorah


It’s a menorah… And it’s a velociraptor… So it’s a menociraptor! BOOM! You could make one yourself out of a toy dinosaur with candle holders glued on and then painted, or you can buy one from thevanillastudio on Etsy (the velociraptor is currently on pre-order for January 2016).

What makes you feel holiday nostalgia? Have any awesome nerdy holiday crafts you’d like to show me? Please share your wonderful nerdy crafts!


Seasons Grootings!

Stay Nerdy!

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