Replicate This Crafternoon: Nerdy Christmas Ornaments

Welcome to Replicate This Crafternoon! Nerds, it is December 1st! Do you know what that means? CHRISTMAS IS THIS MONTH!!! (Says the nerd who has had her tree up since right after Veteran’s Day…) I love Christmas, and I love all things nerdy so when I can find a way to combine the two, I get very excited! A nerd can never have too many nerdy ornaments. While there is usually an abundant supply of nerdy ornaments in stores, it is also quite easy to make your own. Perhaps you want to make some nerdy ornaments for the nerd in your life? Look no further! Here are some ideas using three different styles.

Christmas Ball Ornaments

There is nothing more classic and simple to work with than a standard Christmas ball. It is so easy to buy a bunch of Christmas balls cheap and decorate them to fit whatever theme you are going for.


Golden Snitch ornament by Tiny Apartment Crafts

Simply take a small gold ball and paint swirl designs on it using a slightly different shade of gold. Then glue on some wings made from glittery cardstock and cover the glue spots with more paint. You’ve caught the Golden Snitch!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ornaments by The Whoot

How simple and cute are these? Green ornaments, ribbon, googly eyes, and glue. BOOM! Ninja Turtles!


Super Hero and Star Wars Christmas Balls by Cut Out & Keep

If you have clear Christmas balls, pour paint inside of them and turn them over to let the paint coat the entire inside.  Alternatively, you could spray paint the outside, or just use balls that are already the color you want. You can hand paint the logos you want on if you are artistic, or you can print them out and adhere them, coating them in modpodge to seal the design.


Sailor Moon ornaments by nekojindesigns

Can we just talk about how gorgeous these Sailor Moon ornaments are for a moment? I cannot tell you anything else besides carefully hand paint your designs on and glue on jewels as needed.

Perler Bead Ornaments

I’ve recently become obsessed with everything perler beads. Perler beads FTW! These little plastic beads can be arranged to your design of choice and then ironed between layers of wax paper to create designs that look very 8-bit.


8-bit pixelated Christmas ornaments by This is Why I’m Broke

Why not have some 8-bit ornaments hanging from your tree?


Nintendo ornaments by NostalgicBits

These guys didn’t receive quite as much of the ironing treatment.


Space Invaders by My Poppet Makes

Gotta throw a way back classic in there!

Lego Ornaments

Nerds just never outgrow Lego. There is so much you can do with Lego bricks, including making Christmas ornaments!


Lego –filled ornaments found on Mash Mine

So these could technically fall under the ball category, but they are filled with Lego bricks! Obviously you need to find clear balls that offer an opening large enough to drop  Lego bricks inside.


Lego TARDIS and Mario Question Box instructions by Chris McVeigh

This page shows you step by step how to build various Lego ornaments with Lego bricks you may already have, but they also sell kits that come with the parts you need for the creation you want to build.


Lego Christmas ball found on

Learn how to make a Lego Sphere by watching the video by Brick 101 below!

Are you starting to feel the Christmas spirit yet? That is our theme this week, and we hope your days are merry and bright.

Until next time, stay nerdy my friends!


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