Replicate This Crafternoon: Loki Edition!

Hello Crafter-Nerds! Welcome to another Crafternoon featuring the God of Mischief himself, Loki! Loki is one of my absolute favorite characters in numerous fandoms and universes of tale and nerd-dom. However, Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki just happens to be my favorite (and it’s not JUST because I swoon over Tom….though that doesn’t hurt). So prepare yourselves mortals for this Loki-fied edition of Crafternoon!



Check out this adorable felt Loki plush made by biohazard-cat on Tumblr



And here’s another fabulous Loki plush by renealexa-plushie on DeviantArt



Ooh! I must possess this amazing Loki Scood by IdentityPolution on DeviantArt so everyone can kneel BEFORE me!



You too can crochet this puny God by following the pattern from Ohana Craft Design on Craftsy



Everything can be pony-fied including Loki. How about this handsome Loki Pony by BerryMouse on DeviantArt?



Many of you already know of my obsession with perler bead sprites, and I love this Loki by Ravenfox-Beadsprites on DeviantArt



Perhaps you’ll find comfort on one (or multiple) of these Loki pillows by Derlaine on Store Envy



Of course after seeing The Avengers I always wished I could keep my own Loki trapped behind glass…haven’t you? It’s not that creepy….just ask lapinPetite on Etsy



If you’ve ever wondered what Loki might smell like then wonder no longer, friends! You can buy your very own Loki Scented Soy Candle from bubbleandgeek on Etsy


Finally, for those wanting to cosplay as Loki or you’re just looking to make something epic for display, check out this simple tutorial on how to make a glowing Loki Staff by The Woodland Elf on YouTube. You can also Like her on Facebook, Follow her on Twitter, and check out her Website!


Have you had enough Loki craftiness yet?


I think you’ve all been burdened with enough glorious purpose for today. I hope you have enjoyed this Crafternoon tribute to one of my favorite Tom Hiddleston characters, and be sure to check out the rest of our Tom Hiddleston appreciation posts throughout the week!

Stay Nerdy, my friends!


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