Replicate This Crafternoon: Happy Star Wars Holiday!

Welcome back to Replicate This Crafternoon! There’s something happening this month that we are all excited for. It’s that time of year that just feels so special….Wait you thought I was talking about Christmas? Okay in all seriousness, unless you’ve been living under a rock you know what is happening on December 18th….STAR WARS!!!!! My little nerd heart is overflowing with excitement, joy, and a tiny bit of nervousness….In the words of Pinkie Pie I guess you could describe me as Nervouscited! If you’d like to celebrate Star Wars by adding some happy Star Wars holiday decorations to your nerd dwelling, then no further look you!


Star-Wars-snow-globesHoth Snow Globe from


Felt ornaments by DIY Geekery


Star Wars Snowflakes by Matters of Grey


Baking Soda ornaments by Urban Bliss Life

NOTE: The cookie cutters they’ve linked in the article are no longer available but you can purchase some on Amazon here… Yunko DIY Cake Fondant Decorating Paste Cookie Mold Plunger Cutter DIY Tool

Yoda Wreath

874daf5ac0e1304503244c72830ce74fThis wreath was originally made by but this appears to no longer exist. You could easily make this wreath out of a foam wreath wrapped in sage green fabric, sew together ears from more of the fabric and sew or glue them on, and make the lightsaber by wrapping a dowel rod in yarn and glue on buttons for detail. Glue a brown felt strip of fabric on the back so hang up your Yoda wreath you can!



Merry Sithmas yard decorations by Offbeat Home & Life


Image18A couple weeks ago I featured Lego Ornaments by Chris McVeigh and I just couldn’t help but mention them again because he features tutorials on how to build the Millenium Falcon, Deathstar, and TIE Fighter.


Here’s some Star Wars Christmas room décor by Hannahbeautygirl

And in honor of The Force Awakens, here’s a BB-8 ornament tutorial by Inspire to Make


I hope I have helped you to make your holiday nerdy and bright in anticipation for the new Star Wars movie! Merry Sithmas and May the Force be With You!

Also, ICYMI check out my Nerdy Knits & Crochets Star Wars Edition post here!

SW10Stay Nerdy!


Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.35.24 PM

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