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Welcome nerds! On this edition of Crafternoon, I will be discussing Geeky DIY’s ie. things you can make yourself to nerd-ify your home!  Whether you are looking to create a nerd cave within your muggle dwelling, or looking for ways to add some nerdy flare throughout your home, we’ve got you covered!Wall-Mounted-Wampa-Head-DIYUsing paper mache, faux fur, and a few other easy to find items you can create your very own mounted Wampa head! Who needs a trophy from a murdered animal or a singing bass when you can have this?!

Tutorial can be found on Our Nerd Home.

d0eb71df160cdb072d8d52c85c05f324This is such a great way to utilize the space you have between steps.  Just select your favorite quotes from Disney movies (as pictured), your favorite books, or whatever you fancy.

You can find this and 26 other Geeky Interior Designs on Buzzfeed.

bd85bc95ced91cbc952739c2b1c834c2This LOTR inspired doorknob sign would be great for a bathroom or bedroom door! You could create these yourself using acid free markers or even burn etching.  If you are not feeling crafty enough to make them yourself, you can always buy them from OohhhBurn on Etsy.

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This is a subtle yet creative way to bring nerdiness to a room. You can using masking tape to get clean lines and either create a stencil or paint the letters by hand.

You can buy the Star Wars light switch cover from mmmcrafts here.

The Harry Potter light switch plate is not for sale but you can find girlsknow on Etsy here.

b6e55c42f362043ae2e2b1f46d6816bcA LEGO SPICE RACK!!! So simple, yet so nerdy! This one is pretty self explanatory.  If you have a regular, flat, rectangular spice rack such as this one simply paint it your favorite LEGO brick color.  Construct lid covers out of thin cardboard and paint them to match the brick.  Presto! LEGO brick spice rack!

You can find the original concept at instructables here.

997435c7b45e9aaec5b39736f3f5d21fIf you want to find a clever way to pay homage to multiple worlds of nerdiness all at once then perhaps you’d be interested in this nerdy street sign! Just get several rustic pieces of wood, paint each one to represent your chosen nerdy realms, and tack them onto a longer piece of wood.

Read more about this project from stephtrosclair here.

a37de1497db4d0d58c0bcc4ef7224f4e 47abdf0880e72edcfdb5174f68e31b07Speaking of signs, you can pay tribute to your favorite house elf while simultaneously creating an excuse for the state of your home! The first sign (which I proud hang in my own home) can be printed out from here onto cardstock and either framed or glued onto canvas or wood.

The second sign would be great in a laundry room and actually serves a purpose by giving you a place to hang those lonely socks that seem to mysteriously lose their mates in the wash.  You can make your own by painting “Free Dobby” onto a piece of wood, tacking on twine, and adding some clothes pins.  Or you can buy the one pictured from TheOwlsHootBabyShop on Etsy.

8abbdecd9142e25263d25b45552a77e8To finish out our list of Geeky DIY projects, how about these Han and Leia inspired throw pillows? Simply buy your fabric of choice (a light colored cotton will do nicely). You can create stencils for the letters, Leia’s hair, and Han’s gun out of cardstock, and paint the designs on with black fabric paint.  Sew, stuff, and you’re good to go!

You can also buy the pillows from SatMorningPancakes on Etsy.

I hope I have inspired you creative nerds to craft up some nerdy household items for your own hobbit hole. Feel free to share some of your nerdy creations with us! Until next time, stay nerdy my friends.


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