Replicate This Crafternoon – Doctor Who DIY

Welcome to this week’s Replicate This Crafternoon! Since it is Doctor Who week, I’m gonna show you some Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey…stuff that you can make! Now without further ado…



Doctor Who inspired bow tie necklace by 3 chic geeks

This tutorial is pretty straightforward and easy to follow.  All you need is some red felt, hot glue, jump rings, and a chain with clasps to make your very own bow tie necklace! I believe the Eleventh Doctor would approve #Bowtiesarecool


Sonic Screwdriver Pens by Doodle Craft

The design possibilities are virtually endless with this tutorial. The best part is she shows you how to replace the ink in the pen so you don’t have to lose all your hard work!


TARDIS Bookcase by alantronics on tumblr

I feel like every Whovian home should have a TARDIS bookcase in it (but is it bigger on the inside?)


Bleached TARDIS Galaxy shirt by TheLittlestDreams on Etsy

You can purchase this shirt at the link I’ve provided, or you can make your own! Just grab a TARDIS blue t-shirt, make a TARDIS stencil (or whatever Who related design you want), and spritz a bleach/water mixture on it! You can  find a full bleach shirt DIY tutorial here.


River Song’s Journal found on TARDIS Builders

This forum has ideas from multiple users on how to recreate River Song’s TARDIS journal, but my favorite was the one pictured.

DIY Doctor Who clock by Chic Fandoms

It’s pretty convenient that there are currently twelve Doctors (Okay technically thirteen!) and there just so happens to be twelve numbers on a clock face…


Tom Baker Scarf knitting patterns by

I love my Fourth Doctor scarf! I am not ambitious enough to knit my own but if you happen to have those skills, this link will bring you to EVERY Tom Baker scarf pattern!


Gallifreyan Pendant by Emily Vanleemput

This is so pretty, and I need to wear my name in Gallifreyan right now!


Sonic Screwdriver Earrings found on Offbeat Home & Life

It is amazing how you can string together a clever combination of beads to create your own Sonic Screwdriver earrings.

This has been a lot of fun! Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to outside and wait for my own raggedy man in the big blue box. So I leave you with this…


Stay nerdy my friends!


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