Replicate This Crafternoon: Deadpool

It’s almost here, Nerds! The movie we’ve been waiting for since we first saw the awesome test footage: DEADPOOL!!! In celebration of this most awesome event, I have gathered some of my favorite Deadpool crafts from every corner of the interwebs! Let us celebrate the Merc with the Mouth while trying not to break the fourth wall… Careful we just repaired it and the glue is still wet.

dancing deadpool dpforprez-d5emvq0


Papertoy Deadpool Chibi Papercraft by ValhallaAsgard on DeviantArt

deadpool img 1


Perlerbead Deadpool by RatedEForEveryone on Etsy

deadpool img 2


Amigurimi Deadpool by Amigurimi Torino

deadpool img 3

A fricking Deadpool Piggy Bank!? I bring you: Pigpool by kelsanity on DeviantArt

deadpool img 4


Deadpool cross stitch by TonjeC on DeviantArt

deadpool img 5


Deadpool Pillow by FranMakesIt on Etsy

deadpool img 6


Cardboard Toy Deadpool by Cardboard Toymaker!


It’s Deadpool….it’s also a cat! It’s Catpool, the Comic Cat Superhero by mypetmoon on Etsy!

deadpool img 7


And of course don’t forget about this little guy created by The Geeky Hooker. You can check out the Nerdy Knits and Crochets article I featured her in here.

deadpool img 8


I can feel my common sense tingling… Alright, now I want some chimichangas…

Be sure to keep an eye out this Friday, as Aylah and I will be doing a crafty Nerdy Kidz Corner video featuring a kid friendly Deadpool Beados craft!

Stay Nerdy, my friends!


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