Replicate This: Crafter-noon Steampunk Disney!

I know not who you are, nor how I came to find you, but may I just say… Hi. How ya doin’?

One of my favorite animated movies is Tangled. When a nerdy friend of mine decided she wanted to cosplay as a steampunk version of Rapunzel I offered to help out by making an accessory. When I think of Rapunzel one of the first things I think of is the frying pan she used as a weapon in the movie.

I mean, seriously, she even had Eugene convinced!


I started out with a lump of black Crayola modeling magic.


Putting the air-dry clay onto a flat surface I grabbed a spice jar. I used one that didn’t have any logos on the cap, it just had a ring around it. Perfect to replicate a frying pan! Then I SMOOSHED that sucker into the clay.



Leaving the spice jar in place, I built up the sides of the pan, and also the handle. When I removed the spice jar, Voila! I had a little frying pan! At this point while the clay is soft you can also make a hole in the end of the handle, and even put in the jump ring that you will be using to put it on the necklace. Let your frying pan dry, probably 1 whole day. It’s okay if it’s not perfectly smooth, in fact having a little bit of texture will make it look more like a real cast iron skillet.


Now decide what you want to use as a “chain” for your necklace. I used a silky black ribbon that has loops on the edges because I knew these loops would be perfect for attaching jump rings. You don’t have to do it choker style, but I did. I attached my chain and necklace clasps to the ends of the ribbon so that my friend can wear it at a comfortable length around her neck.


Decide what else besides the frying pan you want to put on your necklace, should you so choose (if you wanna leave it at just a simple frying pan charm and nothing else, that’s fine!) I had some gears and antique keys from Michael’s. So I put a jump ring every fifth loop of the ribbon and alternated between gears and keys. At this point you probably could also put the frying pan on the necklace, just be careful. It’s still fragile and you don’t want to ruin it.


To finish off the necklace, I added 2 smaller gears on each end of the chain. I also finished the frying pan by coating it in a layer of clear school glue. This not only helps to protect the charm but it makes it look nicer too. You could opt to use Mod Podge or watered down white school glue instead if you wanted. Simply coat one side and let it dry completely before turning the pan over and coating the other side. So this was what I ended up with! This was a cute, quick and easy craft that would go well with a Steampunk Rapunzel cosplay but could be worn with regular attire as well.

There you have it, crafty nerds! It’s not that hard to make nerdy jewelry, you just need to have the basic materials needed to do so. Until next Crafternoon, stay nerdy my friends!

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