Replicate This Fashion: Spooky Costumes Under $30

For too long now Halloween has been about dressing up at the sexy version of LITERALLY anything!

Spooky Costumes Under $30

Why? Just….Why?

It’s time to take Halloween back! It’s time to BRING. Back. The Scary! But what if you have a really limited budget and not a lot of time? Worry not! I have made many a thrifty costume in my day! I’m gonna show you how to make some creepy costumes for $30 and under! Please note that I am not including shoes or makeup. I am assuming you already have some makeup on hand that you can use for most of these. The main focus for this challenge is the actual costume. And…GO!

Spooky Costumes Under $30


Spooky Costumes Under $30This was perhaps one of my favorite costumes of all time. So much so that I actually wore it more than once. The key is preparing the dress. If you just pour on that fake blood from the Halloween store you’re just going to be a wet, sticky mess all night and the blood won’t look convincing enough. What I did on mine was I took an old slip dress that I no longer cared about a few days before I planned on wearing the costume and painted several layers of varying shades of red acrylic paint. You don’t want to paint it on so thickly that your dress is stiff, but you also wanna vary your shades of red until you have just the right colors. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom. Don’t be shy but also don’t go so overboard that you can’t actually see any of the original dress color. Stick a cheap tiara on your head and then go to town with the face blood on your head and face. You can easily make some out of corn starch and a ton of red food coloring with just a hint of chocolate sauce to darken and thicken it up. This will be sticky so you will need a really good shampooing when you get home! That’s basically all you need.

Spooky Costumes Under $30

Pale Pink Bridesmaid Dress on Poshmark $12.00 (Search your local flea market to find a similar dress in your size. You may even find something for less!)

Princess Tiara from Walmart $0.98

Blood Gel from Spirit Halloween $3.99



Spooky Costumes Under $30If you don’t mind having hair in your face all night then this would be perfect! The most challenging part of this costume is probably the makeup. Basically all you need is a white t-shirt dress that you can make grungy by leaving it in some dingy water for a while and gently dye the ends of the sleeves and the bottom of the dress with black fabric dye. Don’t just dip it in the dye though, or you’ll have too clean of a line. Squeeze it and rub at the dye to draw it up into the fabric a bit and randomly smear it on various places. You’ll also need a long black wig which you can make look grungy by running conditioner through the ends and leaving it in. First start with a light grey body paint for a base. Then, rub black makeup from your fingertips and up your hands. Draw veiny lines up your arms with eyeliner and smudge it a bit. Your eyes will be covered most of the time but you should still try to bring some of this makeup style to your face as well. There are many great tutorials on YouTube to show you how to do this makeup. BONUS: Instead of being Samara you can be Sadako from The Grudge by wrapping plastic around your bottom half, add some blood on your face and arms, and smoke out your eyes. Boom.

Spooky Costumes Under $30

Faded Glory Tee Dress in White from Wal-Mart $7.00

Long Adult Black Wig from Spirit Halloween $19.99



Spooky Costumes Under $30

Photo from 2011 Plattsburgh Zombie Walk by Sarah Harblin-Doner

A zombie is one of the most basic yet scary things you can dress up as. There are so many different wounds you can choose from, so many different textures you can use. The options are limitless! And the best part is that you can do this with stuff you’ve probably already got at home already. Just pick some clothes you don’t care about ripping some holes in, getting them dirty by rubbing them around in the dirt outside, and splatter some fake blood all over them. You may be tempted to purchase one of those zombie makeup kits at the Halloween store, but really you can create the look out of eyeshadows you may already have. Just make sure you’re only using matte shadows, not metallic or glittery shadows. Here is a great tutorial on a basic zombie makeup using white school glue and toilet paper by Elizabeth Jayne!




Spooky Costumes Under $30

You could go as Annabelle, or just any creepy doll really. There’s a ton of creepy doll makeup tutorials on YouTube as well as tutorials for Annabelle herself. Really all you need is a long sleeve nightgown (preferably white if you’re going for accuracy) and a red belt with a giant red flower on it (you can easily make this by buying a spool of wide ribbon and hot gluing the flower on). If you have long hair you can just put it in double braids and tie red ribbon on the ends. If not I have found a wig for you!

Spooky Costumes Under $30

Casual Nights Women’s Long Sleeve Cotton Blend Nightgown in Pointelle/Green from Walmart $14.99

2.5 in. Wire Edged Ribbon from Dollar Tree $1.00 (have to buy in store to get an individual spool)

Velvet Hydrangea Stem by Ashland in red at Michael’s $2.79

Pigtails Braided Brown Wig on EBay $10.60

Also, this is one of my favorite tutorials for the makeup. The video is in German, but I am sure you can still get the gist by watching her.

Alternately, you could go as Raegan from The Exorcist by eliminating the belt and the wig using this makeup tutorial from Glam and Gore


Alright, nerds! That’s all for today. What are you dressing as for Halloween? Comment below or on any of our social media. Be sure to share your Halloween pics with us!

Stay Spoopy!


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