Replicate This Fashion: Disney Villains

If there’s one thing I love as much as a Disney Princess it’s Disney Villains. You may remember the Disney Princess Fashion Series I did a while back (If you didn’t catch it check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3). I decided that I wanted to revisit this series, except this time I wanted to emulate the fashions of the Disney Villains!

Disney Villains Fashion

Evil Queen

When representing the Evil Queen from Snow White, her dress is somewhere between purple and blue. She also wears a black cape, which has a red pendent. At one point in the movie she commands the Huntsman to bring back Snow White’s heart. The pendant I chose I felt was a good compromise between this plotline and the pendant on her cape. Additionally I felt she should wear some sexy red heels to match the red belt. Instead of a rope belt I went with a retro inspired leather bow belt. I think the Evil Queen would look simply wicked in this outfit.

Disney Villains Fashion

V-Neck Open Front Slit Pleated Tulip Wrap Skirt Maxi Dress on Bonanza

1950s Pin Up Red Leatherette Play It Right Bow Belt on Unique Vintage

Embellished Faux Pearl Capelet in Black from Macy’s

Glowing Tilted Rose Heart Pendant by ElegantInSilver on Etsy

Patent Leather with Gold Sequins Pointed Toe Pumps in Red from Trends Gal


I wanted to choose something that emulated the black and purple panels of Mal’s cape. Instead of going with a horned head piece, I chose this retro inspired black lace headband to represent her horns, along with a black velvet choker necklace. For shoes I decided to go with these fuchsia pumps to replicate the pops of fuchsia you can see at the bottom of her dress.

Disney Villains Fashion

Patchwork Sleeveless Round Neck Women’s Pencil Dress in Purple and Black from TB Dress

Full Tilt Thick Velvet Choker from Tilly’s

Black Lace Crown Headband by TishynaShop on Etsy

Go Jane Velvet Pumps in Fuchsia



I know how much Cruella lives for fur but I wanted a cruelty free approach here. So I went with a faux fur capelet over a slinky black dress. Of course I couldn’t forget her pointy toed red pumps, and her turquoise drop earrings.

Disney Villains Fashion

Worthington Sleeveless V-Neck Sheath Dress in Black from JC Penney

Wrap Capelet Faux Fur in Champagne from Light in the Box

Patent Leather Stiletto Heel Pumps in Red from JJ’s House

Enhanced Turquoise Sterling Silver Drop Earrings from JC Penney



I pity the poor unfortunate soul who decides to tangle with the seawitch! Especially when she wears this killer outfit. I wanted to find something primarily black but with a peek of purple underneath representing the underside of Ursula’s tentacles. The shoes I chose because they look absolutely witchy. I also found her signature seashell necklace. Rather than also going with her purple seashell earrings I chose the gothic crystal drop earrings because I felt they would look less costume-y.

Disney Villains Fashion

Purple Dress with Black Lace Overlay Full Skirt Hi-Lo Hem from Bonanza

Patrizia Adanna High Heeled Booties in Black from 6PM

Gold Shell Necklace from Jewelrybank on Etsy

Gothic Purple Teardrop Crystal Earrings from AzureAllure on Etsy


I thoroughly enjoyed creating my own unique visions of how the Disney Villains would dress in real life. Perhaps I will do more of these! Are there any Disney Villains Fashions you’d like me to re-create? Let me know in the comments below or on any of our social media.

Stay Nerdy!


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