Pokémon Week (With a Dash of Duckie)

Welcome to another nerdy week! We are dedicating this week to Pokémon’s 20th anniversary! The franchise now spans video games, trading card games, animated television shows and movies, comic books, and toys. Pokémon is the second-most successful video game-based media franchise in the world!


Keep an eye out for Jam’s Pokémon themed fashion post, craft post & Jen’s Foodie post!

February seems to be quite the month for anniversaries!
On another note, which might make you feel old distinguished (cough cough)…
The 28th of February marks the 30th anniversary for Pretty in Pink. Many of us grew up with the brat pack, or had siblings that did so. For those of us who love John Hughes and Pretty in Pink, you can’t deny Duckie deserves a love letter!
A toast to you, Duckie, one of our 80’s proto-nerds! Here’s to your quirky, individualistic style! You made it through a broken heart and were resilient. You shared the love and loyalty for your best friend with all of us, and know we would’ve picked you!

Nerd On!


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