Plattsburgh Zombie Walk 2015


This past Saturday I attended the 7th Annual Plattsburgh Zombie Walk in my home town.  Though the number of walking corpses seemed a lot less than what I have seen in past years, the event still didn’t disappoint.

There was one bonus added to the Zombie Walk this year, which was Thrill the World.  The zombies has dance rehearsals leading up to the walk in which they practiced the dance choreography to “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.  In years past this has been performed after the walk at the zombie prom which I have never attended so I was pleasantly surprised to see them perform the dance before the walk this year.

Check out the video of the performance below:


I think they did a fantastic job. Props must be given to the organizer of the event Kimberly Cummins:


Check out some more zombies from the event!


And some still images from Thrill the World:


After the walk the zombies made their way down to Plattsburgh City Hall for the zombie prom with live music from Critical Pricks, Return of the Fly, and The Plattsburgh Home Team

Check out additional footage from the Zombie Walk:


This event never ceases to amaze me, and I hope it will continue for years to come. Does your home town have any Halloween traditions such as the Zombie Walk? Let us know!

Stay spooky my zombie friends.


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